The Aftermath of the Battle of Karbala

When the dust settled, bodies were amputated, and women and children were chained and taken captives on the tenth of Muharram in the year 61 of the Prophet's Hijrah, it was the beginning of a new phase of jihad, revolution, consciousness,

Offline vs Online Quran Classes 

It's the dream of every Muslim to learn the Quran, the Quran leads us through life and brings us closer to Allah Almighty. When it comes to memorizing the Quran, people now have a variety of possibilities. One choice is to enroll

How can convince for love marriage

Assalamu Alaykum to all my dear brothers and sisters I hope you all are doing well in your life. Today we are going to share a powerful and impactful Dua which will be helpful for you to convince Allah for a love marriage. If you’re facing

Jinn in the Quran

One of the creatures of God is the jinn (جنّ). What is the goal of their creation? This and other questions regarding what they are made of and their attributes will be discussed in this article titled, Jinn in the Quran. Table Of

Water in the Quran

Water is an essential and life-giving part of our creation and something we need to survive. God also talks about water in the Quran and explains how it is a sign and blessing for us. This article covers the following topics: Table

Dunya in the Quran

What does Islam say about the worldly life or Dunya in the Quran? We have all been sent to this world for a purpose and many a time we forget that purpose. The verses discussed below explain the reality of the worldly life, especially in

Friendship in the Quran

Friendship in the Quran explores the concept of choosing friends wisely, as on the Day of Judgment, we might regret and be harmed by some of the friendships we had in this world. Some of the verses on this topic will be discussed below.

Happiness in the Quran

Happiness in the Quran guides us towards what the true meaning of happiness and felicity is; something which all human beings seek regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion, or age. Some of the verses that can shed some light on

Black Magic in the Quran

According to dictionary definitions, black magic refers to evil magic and is associated with the devil or evil spirits. This type of magic has been touched upon in the Quran as well with the difference that those helping people to perform

Success in the Quran

Success in the Quran is an important topic that covers a wide range of concepts. Success is something that everyone seeks. What does Islam consider to be success? We will explore the verses that delve deep into it in this article. The