Hell and Heaven in the Quran

One of the reasons for the establishment of the Qiyamah is so that the doers of good and evil in the world can face the outcome and results of their actions. The doers of good will be rewarded with Heaven and its abundant blessings and the

Sacrifice in the Quran

Sacrifice is to forgo your own rights and desires for the sake of others and this is an important topic in Islam. Sacrifice in the Quran explores some of the instance and types of sacrifice that the verses of the Quran explain and that we

Miracles in the Quran

A miracle (معجزة) is a wondrous event or phenomenon and indicates the power of God. In Islam, miracles are given by God to the prophets in order to prove their prophet hood to the people and many of these have been indicated in the Quran.

Justice in the Quran

Justice, particular, Divine justice is an important topic in theological discussions in mostly all religions and justice is also an important topic in the social sciences and ethics. Justice in the Quran discusses some of the verses

Charity in the Quran

Charity is an important part of society and according to Islam, has many benefits, both for the giver and the receiver. Charity in the Quran discusses some of the aspects involved in this discussion and covers the following topics:

Forgiveness in the Quran

Forgiveness is to regret one’s wrongdoing and ask God or the person we have wronged to overlook, hide, and forget what we have done. Forgiveness in the Quran discusses seeking forgiveness from God and forgiving others as well.The

Peace in the Quran

Peace in the Quran is an important component of all societies and something that everyone seeks. It is also one of the topics discussed in many religions, including Islam.What does Islam say about peace? How important is peace in this

Love in the Quran

Love in the Quran is a topic that is discussed in many verses and includes different types of love. Some of these will be discussed in the article below.List of topics covered in this article:What Are the Main Arabic Terms

Quran Quotes

The Quran is full of different dialogues and conversations between different people and even between animals and Prophet and God and His Prophets or the believers and disbelievers. In this article, we will discuss some of these

Hijab in the Quran

Islam is a comprehensive religion which covers all aspects of our lives. One of these very important aspects is the interaction between the two genders and the boundaries in terms of clothing and behavior that must be observed. Hijab in

Ayyub in the Quran

Ayyub in the Quran has been mentioned four times. In reality, Ayyub or Job (pronounced as: /jōb/ like lobe) was a prophet, and a righteous and pious servant of God. Ayyub is known for his great patience before the calamities that befell

Ibrahim in the Quran

Ibrahim in the Quran is usually associated with emotive stories that storm into the minds, like the story of idols breaking and being cast into a huge fire, remaining barren until old age, taking his wife and child to the barren land of

Animals in the Quran

‘Animals in the Quran’ explores Islam’s view regarding animals. In the Quran, they are sometimes mentioned in terms of their lawfulness or unlawfulness like pigs for example. Other instances that are animals are used is in the form of