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The Advantages of Online Quran Course on Islam4u

Our lessons start from the ABC of Quran and go all the way with you, step by step, until learning and comprehending deeper meanings of the verses and conceptual exegesis. Not only that but the same course that teaches you how to pronounce each Arabic letter along with practices and quizzes, will also teach you ways to reflect and contemplate on verses and how to apply them to your life.

One of the great things you will find in these is that even though it's not a classroom atmosphere, but it's still super interactive and intriguing.
And will help the students feel like they are right in the middle of a classroom.

But what makes these courses one of the best of its kind is the quizzes. There's no doubt that you can find many clips and pdf online that teach how to read the Quran, but what most of them don't have are quizzes. Our courses will provide the students with questions specifically designed for an online audience and suitable for different types of students to assess their learning.

In case you're wondering what you would do if you face a problem in a lesson, then wonder no more. We have made sure to assign an online support for our audience that work around the clock to help them with questions and issues.

Here on Islam4U, we want to embark on a learning journey with you, so it's a marathon rather than a sprint.