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Dive Deep into the Essence of Hijab & Rediscover its Islamic Roots

Radiyah Shameli
Instructor Radiyah Shameli
12 Lessons 120 Minutes

40 Days of Servitude

A Transformative 40-Day Journey to Deepen Your Faith and Strengthen Your Connection With Allah

Abdullah Almusawi
Instructor Abdullah Almusawi
40 Lessons 500 Minutes
20% off

Learn Tajweed

A complete online course on learning to recite the Quran with tajweed

Muhammad Abu Mahdi
Instructor Muhammad Abu Mahdi
20 Lessons 577 Minutes

How to Read the Quran

A complete course on learning to read the Quran online from scratch

Muhammad Abu Mahdi
Instructor Muhammad Abu Mahdi
15 Lessons 202 Minutes


Mastering the Laws of Life: An In-Depth Study of Ahkam in Islam

6 Lessons 110 Minutes


Valued Behaviors

12 Lessons 200 Minutes

Basic Quranic Concepts 01

Explore the core principles and beliefs of Islam as derived from the Quran in this in-depth online course

14 Lessons 75 Minutes