An Islamic guide to woman’s role in the family

Enjoy a happy, loving, supportive family

5 Lessons
131 Minutes
Subject: Family
Audience: Intermediate,15+
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You will learn in this course:

  • How to live a mindful life by knowing your rights, responsibilities and their priorities as a woman in the family
  • How to empower yourself by acquiring qualities that the Quran enumerates for a virtuous woman
  • The importance of sexual relationship in a couple’s life
  • Can or should a woman be employed?
  • How the prophet divided household roles between his daughter and son-in-law after their marriage
  • Which duties a woman is obliged  and which ones she is advised to do in the family
  • What a woman’s disobedience (nushuz) means
  • Steps a man is allowed to take when he fears his wife’s misconduct (nushuz) to save his marriage

What is the course “An Islamic guide to women's role in the family”?

The prevalent feminist values and views about the rights and roles of a woman which are portrayed in the media have changed everyone’s mindset of family and gender roles. At the same time, a Muslim family has been depicted as a place where there is a patriarch who orders his passive and oppressed wife around the house and can treat her however he wishes.

In this course, we try to explain how a Muslim woman is seen in the Islamic teachings and what is expected of her in the family.

We will also talk about the steps a man is allowed to take in case of his wife’s misconduct to prevent his family from falling apart and turn cold and spiritless.   

How do we present our Lessons?

Learning is facilitated through

  • fun motion graphic videos
  • quizzes at the end of each lesson
  • PDF of every lesson
  • mp3 files of the lessons
  • summary of every lesson and
  • a final exam at the end of the course

All these will allow you to take this online course at your own pace, with your own learning style, and in the comfort of your home or during your commute.


We suggest that before enrolling in this course, you have completed these two courses:

  1. Basics of Family in the Quran
  2. An Islamic guide to man’s role in the family

Why is this course a must for every couple?

When you ask a Muslim, what is the first role a woman should take up in her family, often the answer is mothering. But that is not true. A woman’s relationship with her husband is the number one priority in her married life which guarantees her success in the fulfilment of her other roles.

This course is a must for every couple because of the following points:

  • We talk about the four roles a woman can take up in her family and their priorities in her life.
  • We also explain how a virtuous woman is seen by the Quran as a trustable and loving life companion.
  • Women's employment is another topic we have dealt with.
  • Times of challenge in the family when the man is acting responsibly, yet his wife shows misconduct have also been mentioned. Here we offer the solutions propounded by the Quran to take the family back to the shore of safety and peace.  

Course syllabus: What you’ll learn from this course

5 Lessons with 60 min of motion graphics

5 weeks, a total of 25 hours of learning

For a better learning

Each lesson ranges from 8 to 15 minutes of videos; nevertheless, a large quantity of information is offered. Therefore, we suggest that you watch each video at least two or three times and then discuss the new information with your spouse; expanding and consolidating what you have learned.

Week 1: 5 hours to complete

Lesson 1: Qualities of a virtuous wife

Objective of the lessonHow does the Quran see a virtuous woman? When you try to acquire the qualities the Quran mentions for a wife, you can rest assured that besides establishing a loving relationship with your spouse in this world, you have guaranteed your other-worldly happiness.
Part 1Obedience (4:34 min)
Part 2Watchfulness (2:38 min)
Part 3Managing household affairs (6:52 min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  What are the qualities of a virtuous wife in the Quran?What does it mean to be an obedient woman?Why do women have to be obedient to their husbands?Does women’s obedience mean they are subordinate and weak in the family?

Week 2: 5 hours to complete

Lesson 2: Division of household tasks by the prophet (S)
Objective of the lesson As Muslims we want to see how the Prophet (S) assigned family roles to his daughter and son-in-law because we know that his teachings guarantee a happy and prosperous family.
Part 1Division of household roles by the Prophet (S) (5:46 min)  
Part 2The reward of helping one's wife in the house (3:55 min)  
Part 3Women see as a sacred land (4:45 min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  How does Lady Fatimah react to her father’s work division?How does a man’s appreciation of his wife impact their relationship?What role can a man play in household chores?Why does the Quran refer to women as agricultural land?How should men treat this “sacred land” and how will it impact their spousal relationship?  

Week 3: Five hours to complete

Lesson 3: Women’s employment

In this lesson, we cover three separate yet interconnected topics:

  1. Four roles of a woman according to their priorities
  2. Women’s employment
  3. Observance of modesty when appearing in the society
Objective of the lessonAt times, cultural beliefs in a Muslim society are so intermingled with the lives of people that some practices are assumed to be the teachings of Islam. Here we try to straighten things up about the roles of a woman in the family to give you a clear mindset of how to lead your family life correctly.   Then we will mention a frequently asked question which is women’s employment and their appearance in the society to highlight the impact of men and women’s interactions on their personal life, the workplace and the society.  
Part 1Women's duties according to Islam ( min)
Part 2When does it become necessary for women to work outside their home? (min)
Part 3How should one appear in society? (min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  Can/should women work outside of their homes?What are women’s duties in lslam according to priority?What is the capitalist approach to the domestic roles of a woman?How should a woman appear in society?


Week 4: Five hours to complete

Chapter 4: Misconduct (Nushuz) of a woman

Life doesn’t always flow smoothly. In this lesson we will talk about the cases when the woman does not fulfil her duties and threatens the stability and peace of her family.  

Objective of the lesson Here, we will inform you of the Quranic measures a man is allowed to take when his wife is not fulfilling his obligatory rights to save his marriage from breakage. 
Part 1What is the meaning of Nushuz? ( min)
Part 2Steps a man is allowed to take in case of his wife's Nushuz ( min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  Is family more an ethical realm or a legal one?What is nushuz?What are the steps a man is allowed to take in case of his wife’s misconduct? What role does “advising” or spousal talk play in a couple’s life?When would staying away from one’s wife in bed really act as a warning sign?


Week 5: Five hours to complete

Chapter 5:

Is a man allowed to hit his wife?
Objective of the lessonMisunderstanding the teachings of the Quran regarding one’s attitude towards one’s wife in case of her misconduct only makes the problems worse and damages one’s spousal relationship. Here we explain where and how “striking one’s wife” should be interpreted.
Part 1The last step a man takes about his wife’s misconduct ( min)
Part 2The instances of a women’s nushuz (min)
Part 3Role of sex in a couple’s life ( min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  Is a man allowed to hit his wife?What are the different views with regards to “Striking” one’s wife? What are the recommended and obligatory duties of a woman? Role of sex in a couple’s lifeDo men perceive sex the same way women do?

List of Topics

  • Lesson 1 : Qualities of a virtuous wife
  • Lesson 2 : In the house of Fatimah and Ali (AS)
  • Lesson 3 : Woman's employment
  • Lesson 4 : Woman's misconduct 01
  • Lesson 5 : Women’s Misconduct 02