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Dedicated For Ramadan

43 Sessions, 960 minutes

Embody the Qualities of a True Servant of Allah with Our 40-Day Course on Servitude!

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, there is no better time to invest in your spiritual growth and knowledge. Enrolling in our Ramadan courses is the perfect way to kickstart your journey towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of Islam.

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Here are the Innovative Teaching Methods to Enhance Learning

Each episode of the course consists of 6 parts

1. discussion plan

In the first part of each session, the Sayeid examines the topic in the verses and traditions and the lives of the infallibles and great religious leaders.

2. Statement of Solutions

This course is not enough just to express the concepts. The most important part of each session is the Sayeid presentation of practical solutions on the topic under discussion, which will play an important role in making the course content practical.

3. Practice

Training without practice will not work. Therefore, at the end of each session, a specific exercise is provided, which will show the effect of the course in our daily life over time.

4. Training Support

In order to follow up on educational matters and exercises, a supporter has been considered for this course, who will accompany you in all stages of the course and answer your educational questions.

5. Q&A sessions with the Sayeid

During the course, at least four online sessions are held weekly with the presence of the Sayeid . In these meetings, dear scholars can raise their questions directly with Sayeid Mir Bagheri and receive their answers.

6. Assessment

In the system, it is possible to observe and examine a diagram of the process of self-improvement and self-education by recording exercises and calculating and self-evaluating.

General headings of the lesson

The list of subjects mentioned in the lesson is as follows

  • extreme abstinence from sin
  • spending in the way of God
  • piousness (sins of the tongue)
  • piousness (sins of the eyes)
  • repentance
  • connection with the Qur'an
  • connection with the Prophet of God
  • communication with the Imam of the time
  • saving the hereafter
  • salah mercy
  • gratitude
  • goodness To parents
  • permanent purity
  • monotheistic thinking
  • religion in religion
  • care in food
  • religious zeal
  • loyalty
  • keeping one's promise
  • prayer
  • moderation
  • caring for people's rights
  • observing social etiquette
  • good manners
  • humility
Who is this course suitable for?

Who is this course suitable for?

In this course, we learn that self-improvement and serving God does not require false mysticism and strict austerities

Sayeid Abdullah Almusawi

Course Instructor

Sayeid Abdullah Almusawi

Sayyid Abdullah Almusawi, an illustrious Islamic scholar and mentor, was born in Iraq and later moved to Australia. Raised in Melbourne, he became an integral part of the Muslim community and devoted his life to serving its members.

His passion for Islamic scholarship led him to pursue an education in the Hawza, where he spent over a decade mastering the sciences of Quran and Hadith. After completing his studies.

Sayyid Abdullah Almusawi is a well-known Islamic scholar and teacher with over 2 decades of experience in teaching Islamic studies to Muslims of all ages.

Educational calendar of lessons

Communication of the educational support of the course with you

From the beginning of the course, the educational support will make you a member of the educational support group in ETA and you can communicate with the support through this group or privately.

Start of lesson

This course will start from Wednesday, March 29 in a coordinated manner for the registrants.

Access to educational content

From the beginning of the course for forty days, every day one session of the course will be opened on your desk and you can view the content of the course and do the exercises. Important note: Your access to educational content does not have a time limit after completing the course.

Questions and answers with the teacher

During the course, at least four online sessions will be held weekly with the presence of Sayeid Mir Bagheri. In these meetings, scholars can ask their questions directly with Sayeid Mir Bagheri and receive their answers. The time of these meetings will be informed in time.

End of course and certification

After the end of the course, a digital certificate will be issued and can be downloaded on the desktop for those who have fully viewed the presented content and completed the exercises.