An Islamic guide to man’s role in the family

Be a loving and responsible husband and father

5 Lessons
58 Minutes
Subject: Family
Audience: Intermediate,15+
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What is the course “An Islamic guide to man’s role in the family”?

The predominant perception of many Muslims and non-Muslim about the role of a man in his family is limited to financial support. Islamic teachings talk of a different story.

“An Islamic guide to man’s role in the family” is an educational course on the qualities of a responsible husband and father in his family life.

How do we present our Lessons?

Learning is facilitated through fun motion graphic videos, quizzes at the end of each lesson, and PDF and mp3 files of every lesson, allowing you to take this online course at your own pace, with your own learning style, and in the comfort of your home or during your commute.


“Basics of Family in the Quran” course.

Why is this course a must for every man?

According to some statistics, women are the ones who most often file for divorce, at 66 percent on average, and the most common reason given by divorcing couples is lack of commitment. Something to think about!

A healthy and happy relationship and family needs a responsible husband and father figure. To get to this position, two points will have to be made clear:  

  • The common misconceptions of men and their role in the family
  • How these roles impact the success of their marriage

What are the benefits of enrolling in this course?

“An Islamic guide to man’s role in the family” has the following benefits:

  1. It helps you manage your expectations about a man’s role in the family and establish a good spousal relationship by:
    1. Giving you a Quranic frame of mind
    2. Informing you of your duties as a husband based on the instructions of the Quran. 
  2. You can access a rich source on the teachings of the Quran and hadith regarding “Man’s Role” in the comfort of your home.
  3. You can assess your learning twice through the quizzes, once at the end of each lesson and once at the end of the entire course.
  4. Learning is simplified for you through fun motion graphics.
  5. You will have access to the PDF, mp3, and summary files of each lesson to suit your learning style.

Course syllabus: What you’ll learn from this course

5 Lessons with 60 min of motion graphics

5 weeks, a total of 20 hours of learning

For a better learning

Each lesson ranges from 8 to 15 minutes of videos; nevertheless, a large quantity of information is offered. Therefore, we suggest that you watch each video at least two or three times and then discuss the new information with your spouse; expanding and consolidating what you have learned.

Week 1: 5 hours to complete

Lesson 1: Appointing a head for the family

Muslim family with warm light in the morning Premium Photo

Objective of the lessonWhen you divide the roles based on the wrong mindset you will have the wrong expectations, leading to conflicts, and stressful relationships.  
Part 1Who is the head of a family (4:27 min)
Part 2What is the scope of man’s responsibility (6:04 min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  Why is it important to appoint a head for the family?What is expected of the head of the family?Why are men the head?Would the headship of men mean their superiority over women? Is headship simply material support?  

Week 2: 5 hours to complete

Lesson 2: Five points regarding the man’s material support of his family

Couple having fruit for break fasting dinner Premium Photo
Objective of the lessonWe are going to learn practical details about one of the man’s roles in the family, which is earning halal income and spending it for his family.   Knowing these points motivates a man to put his heart at his work and know how to add that extra magic in his relationship with his wife. 
Part 1Earning halal income: an act of worship (4 min)  
Part 2Expand the sustenance for your family (5 min)  
Questions answered in this lesson:  Earning for one’s family is an act of worshipWhat if a man does not provide for his family?Importance of expanding sustenance for the family;Observing balance in spendingTeaching this role to your son  

Week 3: Five hours to complete

Lesson 3: Providing for the family’s spiritual needs

Objective of the lessonThe second role of the man: considering the salvation and spiritual well-being of his wife and children.
Part 1Four points about man’s headship in the family (3 min)
Part 2What is the meaning of salvation? (4:38 min)
Part 3When will you have a harmonious life? (7:35 min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  The meaning of salvationWhen your life is put in orderGiving spiritual food to your family

Week 4: Five hours to complete

Chapter 4: Pleasant interactions

Objective of the lessonTeaching men qualities to establish pleasant interactions with their wife
Part 1Three qualities that a man needs to possess (4:39 min)
Part 2How to treat one’s wife in an honorable way (3:12 min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  Practice to be good-tempered with your familyExpand material provision for themPractice Ghayrah (protectiveness)Treat your wife honorablyHave pleasant interactions with your children

This lesson will give you the tools you need to address these seemingly trivial, yet golden, tips.

Week 5: Five hours to complete

Chapter 5: Man’s ill-treatment of his wife

Many marriages are broken down as a result of the man’s irresponsible attitude towards his wife. This is called nushuz in the Quranic terminology. 

A woman might feel helpless and trapped in facing her irresponsible husband. This might be an indication of the end of the marriage. Nevertheless, our solutions in this online course open up rays of hope.

Objective of the lessonDefining an irresponsible man and ways to overcome this challenge in the family
Part 1Meaning and examples of a man’s irresponsibility (4:27 min)
Part 2What a woman can do when her husband is irresponsible (6:30)
Part 3Three points to consider about an irresponsible man in the family (4 min)
Questions answered in this lesson:  What does nushuz mean?What are the cases of a man’s nushuz?Three solutions offered by the Quran and the Islamic legal system in spouse problemsWhen the man of the house does not carry out his role responsibly  

List of Topics

  • Lesson 1 : Why are men the head of family?
  • Lesson 2 : Men's financial duties
  • Lesson 3 : Giving spiritual food to the family
  • Lesson 4 : Establishing pleasant interactions
  • Lesson 5 : Man's Nushuz