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Pregnancy in the Quran

One of the life-changing stages in a woman’s life is pregnancy and the birth of a child. Throughout the nine months, a world of wonders and miracles shapes in a woman’s body. But what can we learn about pregnancy in Quran? The Noble

Mutah in the Quran

Mutah in the Quran was practiced in the pre-Islamic time and was not a ruling initiated by Islamic teachings. Islam only permitted its practice where it was needed. For instance, at the time of the Prophet (S), in cases where men were away

Polygamy in the Quran

Polygamy means having multiple spouses. In Islam, only men can practice polygamy, which is known as polygyny, to be specific. Polygamy in the Quran is among the controversial topics about which many people have argued and still argue as

Wives of the Prophet

One of the things that many people wonder about is the issue of the wives of the Prophet. They wonder why the Prophet had so many wives. Some want to know who the favorite wife of the Prophet was. In this article on Islam4u, we will get

Parents in the Quran

Parents in the Quran is a subject that is discussed in different verses and surahs. God has told us to be good and kind to our parents, respect them, and refrain from causing them trouble. In this article on Islam4u, we will take a look at

Marriage in the Quran

Marriage in the Quran is a concept that requires our attention. God has said in the Quran that young people must get married in order to find peace of mind and so that they do not fall into the traps of Satan (الشيطان). Moreover,

Children in the Quran

Children in the Quran is a topic that has been discussed to some extent. There is no doubt that the Noble Quran attaches outstanding importance to the issue of childbearing, procreation, and bringing pious and righteous children. Children

Women in the Quran

Women in the Quran, are introduced as members of humanity and society who have an important role in creation; just as men do. As human beings, whether we are a man or a woman, we must strive to understand and recognize this creation of

Ahkam in the Quran

Ahkam in the Quran is a subject that demands careful attention. Many of the Ahkam or religious laws of the religion of Islam have been mentioned in the Holy Scripture of Muslims, the Noble and Glorious Quran. Ahkam of acts of worship,