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Juz 30

Surah Humaza

Surah Humaza (سورة الهمزة) or Lumaza (لمزة) as it is also known is one of the chapters of the 30th part of the Quran and is a warning to a person who finds faults in other and amasses

Surah Buruj

Surah Buruj is the 85th chapter of the 30th part of the Quran and the main focus of the chapter is on those who persecute the believers and the punishments that await this group of people.

Surah Masad

Surah Masad is one of the short surahs of the Quran in Juz’ 30, with only 5 verses. It is the 111th surah revealed in Mecca after Muhammad (S) was ordered to invite his relatives to Islam.

Surah Qariah

Surah Qariah is one of the chapters of the 30th part of the Quran and focuses on one of the principles of faith, i.e. Qiyamah and some of the calamities that will take place on that

Surah Adiyat

Surah Adiyat is the 100th surah of the Quran, located in Juz’ 30 with 11 verses and 40 words. It takes its name from the first verse where God swears by the panting breath of running

Surah Nas

Surah Nas (سورة الناس) or Mu‘awwazah (مُعوَّذة) or Mushaqshaqah (مُشَقشَقة) as it is also known is the last chapter of the Quran . We can say that this chapter touched on two topics:

Surah Maun

Surah Maun (سورة الماعون) or Surah Ara’aital Lazhi (سورة أرأیت الذي) or Surah al-Din (سورة الدین) as it is also known is one of the chapters of the 30th part of the Quran and addresses

Surah Asr

Surah Asr or Surah Wal Asr as it is also known is the 103rd chapter of the Quran. It speaks of the fact that all human beings are in a loss unless they believe in God and do good deeds.

Surah Bayyinah

Surah Bayyinah (سورة البینة) or Lam Yakun (لم یکن) or Qayyimah (قیمة), as it is also known, is the 98th chapter of the Quran and focuses of the important topic of God providing proofs to

Surah A’la

Surah A‘la is the 87th chapter of the Holy Quran. One of the important Islamic discussions in this chapter is the Glorification of God and also God’s Lordship which comes under the

Surah Tariq

One of the main themes of the chapter known as Surah Tariq covers the topic of Qiyamah, which is one of the foundations of Islam. Within the chapter, the verses also present arguments to

Surah Mutaffifin

Surah Mutaffifin is one of the chapters of the Quran that focuses heavily on Qiyamah, one of the main principles of Islam and gives an insight into the different events and outcomes of

Surah Duha

As the 93rd chapter of the Quran, Surah Duha focuses mainly on the Prophet. The verses speak of God comforting him during times when others are mocking him as well as recounting some of