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Mutah in the Quran

Mutah in the Quran was practiced in the pre-Islamic time and was not a ruling initiated by Islamic teachings. Islam only permitted its practice where it was needed. For instance, at the time of the Prophet (S), in cases where men were away

Friendship in the Quran

Friendship in the Quran explores the concept of choosing friends wisely, as on the Day of Judgment, we might regret and be harmed by some of the friendships we had in this world. Some of the verses on this topic will be discussed below.

Happiness in the Quran

Happiness in the Quran guides us towards what the true meaning of happiness and felicity is; something which all human beings seek regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion, or age. Some of the verses that can shed some light on

Illness in the Quran

Have you ever thought about illness in the Quran? What does the Quran have to say about illnesses and diseases? Is it a good or bad thing? Illness is something people would avoid, and no one likes to get ill. However, illness can sometimes

Polygamy in the Quran

Polygamy means having multiple spouses. In Islam, only men can practice polygamy, which is known as polygyny, to be specific. Polygamy in the Quran is among the controversial topics about which many people have argued and still argue as

Anger in the Quran

When was the last time you got angry? Why did you get angry? How did you react to the situation? Were you regretful afterwards? What does the Quran say about anger? We see the word ghaḍab (غضب) meaning anger in the Quran repeated over

Success in the Quran

Success in the Quran is an important topic that covers a wide range of concepts. Success is something that everyone seeks. What does Islam consider to be success? We will explore the verses that delve deep into it in this article. The

Truthfulness in the Quran

What does the Quran say about truthfulness and honesty? Being honest and truthful is considered a virtue by every school of thought, whether they are religious or non-religious. Truthfulness in the Quran covers a number of different

Beauty in the Quran

According to a narration, God is a beauty and loves beauty. In this article, we will briefly discuss the instances of beauty in the Quran and see what God considers beautiful. This includes both material and spiritual beauty. The