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Pornography in Islam: Understanding Its Ill Effects

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Since high-speed internet came around, the world has changed a lot, with good and bad things happening. Many things have become easier to do. You can pay bills, shop online, transfer money, and do other things just by clicking or tapping on a device. However, there are also bad things that have happened because of the internet. One big problem is that people, including young people, can easily gain access to explicit content like pornography. In this article on Islam4u, we will look closely at how this has affected people all over the world. We will talk about the many ways pornography has influenced them and what kind of impact it has had. Furthermore, we will provide an Islamic solution to this problem.

How Pornography Started

Before the internet, people used to find explicit content, like pornography, mainly in magazines. These magazines were made for different age groups and had pictures that were meant to make people feel sexually excited. They mostly had pictures of nude women. When video technology improved, people started making erotic videos that could be watched on VHS tapes and later on CDs and DVDs. However, back then, it was harder to get hold of these videos compared to how easy it is on the internet now. Therefore, only certain people could access this kind of content.

Then the internet came, but at first, it was slow. During that time, it was not easy to find high-quality explicit pictures and videos online. However, as the internet improved over time, accessing explicit content became very simple. This became a big problem because anyone, even young people including kids, could easily watch porn online. This caused many physical and psychological problems for people. It was not just adults who were affected; even kids and teenagers were impacted by this.

How Harmful Is Pornography?

The idea of seeing a group of people without clothes doing inappropriate things on camera can be uncomfortable. These individuals seem to be ignoring their self-respect and are willing to embarrass themselves for money. It makes you wonder why someone would choose to reveal their body to a huge audience, doing things that are clearly indecent and could negatively influence young minds.

When young people watch pornography, it can greatly affect them. They might get hooked on it, which means they keep wanting to watch more. The problem is that watching porn tricks their brain. They start thinking that what they see on the screen is just like real life, even though it is not. This can mess up their understanding of real relationships and what real sexual intercourse is like.

This confusion becomes a bigger problem when they want to have real relationships. They might expect things to be as they see in those videos, where everything looks perfect. However, in real life, things are not always like that. This can cause issues because real people do not always match those unrealistic standards. This can even lead to problems like not being able to get an erection when they want to, which is called porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED).

What Happens When a Person Watches Porn?

People who watch porn often do not stop at just watching. They often get involved in something called PMO, which stands for porn, masturbation, and orgasm. Therefore, watching porn goes hand in hand with masturbating. However, this kind of self-stimulation has its own problems, and when combined with porn, those problems get even worse.

Getting addicted to PMO has a major impact on all areas of a person’s life. It takes away self-confidence, makes them emotionally and socially distant, drains their energy and motivation, brings on anxiety, and can lead to depression. People caught in this cycle start to feel like they cannot accomplish anything important. Just like any other addiction, dealing with it and eventually breaking free from it is vital.

Those struggling with this issue often realize the harm that porn and masturbation are causing in their lives. This realization is a crucial point, as it is the moment when they need to face this problem head-on and find a way to overcome it.

The Islamic Solution

In Islam, it is haram (prohibited) to look at a non-mahram woman lustfully. Looking at explicit pictures of random naked people on the internet is even worse. Doing these things is a big mistake, and people need to seriously try to stop this bad habit. Islamic teachings give clear advice on how to fix this problem. People who are addicted to pornography should give it up.

The main solution here is to remember Allah, who always sees everything. Knowing that Allah is always watching is essential. Realizing that watching porn and doing things like masturbation are grave sins means that you should sincerely ask Allah for help in stopping these urges. Winning over this challenge mostly depends on having very strong determination.

Deciding to completely quit watching porn is possible by being very determined. This can be made easier by always remembering Allah is watching and knowing that what you are doing is wrong. These realizations can strongly encourage you to give up this harmful behavior.

What Must Be Done

Quitting abruptly, known as going “cold turkey,” can bring about withdrawal symptoms much like other addictions. These symptoms might include things like headaches, having trouble sleeping, feeling very worried, sad, or down, and other uncomfortable feelings. To make these effects less severe, you can try replacing the habit with positive things you enjoy doing.

In Islam, there are suggestions to help occupy your time and keep you from doing things you want to avoid. These include making special prayers (dua) and reading the Quran. It is like finding things to do to keep yourself out of trouble. You have probably heard the saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” This means it is good to keep yourself busy with different activities so you do not slip back into old habits.

Here is a fun way to start your journey to quit: you can write in a journal about your progress and count how many days you have gone without watching porn. This can help motivate you to keep going. And if you happen to make a mistake and go back to the old habit, don’t worry. You can start again by resetting your count and trying to do better next time.

There are also some techniques, like practicing semen retention that might encourage you to stick with your goal of giving up the habit. To learn more about semen retention, its place in Islam, the science behind it, and its benefits, please read the article titled “Semen Retention in Islam: The Art of Preserving One’s Life Force.”

What Happens When You Quit Porn and Masturbation?

People who have successfully stopped watching porn and masturbating have noticed many good things happen in their lives. Things that used to seem boring become enjoyable again. You start feeling more sure of yourself. You will not feel as worried or sad anymore, and you will not be alone as much. This is because you are becoming more like a regular person again. When someone is caught up in one of the worst habits, like porn and masturbation, they are not living a normal life. It is as if they are stuck in a loop. However, when they break free from it, new opportunities show up.

They will start feeling braver and more determined. They will have the strength and confidence to be in a real relationship and even get married. Giving up the habit of porn and masturbation has many good things that come with it; so many that you cannot even count them all.

The Most Important Benefit of Quitting Pornography

Most importantly, when you stop watching porn, you will experience a big change in your spiritual side. Your connection with Allah will become much stronger. It is like you will be able to understand things beyond what you see. You will feel a strong sense of spirituality that you could not feel before, like when you are free from this habit. Actually, stopping any bad thing you are doing makes your heart feel pure and helps you grow spiritually. However, the bigger the bad thing was, like in this case, the more good things will happen to your heart and soul when you stop.


The rise of high-speed internet has brought about both positive and negative changes globally. While it has made tasks like paying bills and shopping easier, it has also led to harmful effects. A major concern is the easy access to explicit content, affecting people of all ages. In this article, we explored how pornography impacts individuals worldwide. We discussed the way pornography began with magazines and progressed to the internet, which made it easily accessible. Watching explicit content can lead to addiction and distorted perceptions, causing problems in real relationships. Overcoming this involves strong determination and turning to Islamic teachings for guidance.

Quitting pornography and masturbation has significant benefits, such as reclaiming enjoyment in simple things, boosting self-confidence, and improving emotional well-being. Moreover, breaking free from these habits enhances one’s spiritual connection. By remembering Allah and seeking His help, individuals can overcome the challenges. Replacing the negative behavior with positive activities and seeking spiritual growth are key steps. In essence, quitting pornography brings about positive transformations in various aspects of life, making individuals more resilient and spiritually enriched.

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