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In the Ahkam category here on Islam4u, we present you with some articles centering around the Islamic rulings and laws, otherwise known as Ahkam in Arabic. You will get familiar with certain Islamic rulings such as marriage, what is lawful to eat or drink, enjoining the good and forbidding evil, inheritance, judgment, and so on. Of course, we also have a course on Ahkam by which you can learn the topics mentioned. By reading the articles on Ahkam and enrolling in our Ahkam course, you will hopefully become acquainted with some of the most important Islamic rulings.

Islamic Laws Simplified

Islam is the final religion that Allah legislated and sent Prophet Muhammad (s) to explain its rulings to people. The laws of Islam are derived from the Quran, Hadith, and Sunnah. In this

Autopsy in Islam

Autopsy, also known as a post-mortem examination, is the dissection of the human body to find out the cause of death or for educational purposes. In this article on Islam4u, we will explore

Alcohol in the Quran

Alcohol is a topic that has been touch upon in the Quran in several verses. Alcohol may include any beverage that has a certain percentage of alcohol in it and is an intoxicant including

Clothing in the Quran

Clothing in the Quran has been talked about in several verses. The Quran pays a great deal of attention to the way a human being covers himself. Clothing is what shows a person’s dignity

Hijab in the Quran

Islam is a comprehensive religion which covers all aspects of our lives. One of these very important aspects is the interaction between the two genders and the boundaries in terms of

Jihad in the Quran

Jihad (جِهاد) is one of the most important and fundamental concepts in the religion of Islam. Unfortunately, this sacred method of self-refinement has been misinterpreted to an extent that