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In the Ahkam category here on Islam4u, we present you with some articles centering around the Islamic rulings and laws, otherwise known as Ahkam in Arabic. You will get familiar with certain Islamic rulings such as marriage, what is lawful to eat or drink, enjoining the good and forbidding evil, inheritance, judgment, and so on. Of course, we also have a course on Ahkam by which you can learn the topics mentioned. By reading the articles on Ahkam and enrolling in our Ahkam course, you will hopefully become acquainted with some of the most important Islamic rulings.

Abortion in Islam: Does Islam Prohibit It?

"Does Islam allow abortion?" Many ask this question and wonder whether Islam allows it or not. In this article on Islam4u, we will look into this controversial topic in detail. Is Abortion Permissible or Prohibited? Islam is against

What Is Prohibited Under Sharia Law?

Sharia is a system of laws that Allah has placed through His Prophet (s) to moderate people's activities. Sharia law seeks to facilitate and bring about peace, harmony, and welfare for Muslims and non-Muslims living in a Muslim country. In

What Happens If I Eat Haram Food?

Some may ask, “How come nothing happens to those who eat haram food, such as pork?” To answer this question, we must look at not only the physical harms but also the spiritual harms of eating such food. In this article, we will go over

Alcohol in the Quran

Alcohol is a topic that has been touch upon in the Quran in several verses. Alcohol may include any beverage that has a certain percentage of alcohol in it and is an intoxicant including wine, beer, liquor, and so on. The consumption of

Clothing in the Quran

Clothing in the Quran has been talked about in several verses. The Quran pays a great deal of attention to the way a human being covers himself. Clothing is what shows a person’s dignity and therefore the Quran recommends that we dress

Hijab in the Quran

Islam is a comprehensive religion which covers all aspects of our lives. One of these very important aspects is the interaction between the two genders and the boundaries in terms of clothing and behavior that must be observed. Hijab in

Jihad in the Quran

Jihad (جِهاد) is one of the most important and fundamental concepts in the religion of Islam. Unfortunately, this sacred method of self-refinement has been misinterpreted to an extent that many associate it with violence and bloodshed. In

Hajj in the Quran

Hajj in the Quran is a very interesting topic. Hajj is one of the obligatory acts of worship of Muslims. In fact, it is a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca where the Kaaba (کَعبَة) is located where Muslims perform a series of rituals

Ahkam in the Quran

Ahkam in the Quran is a subject that demands careful attention. Many of the Ahkam or religious laws of the religion of Islam have been mentioned in the Holy Scripture of Muslims, the Noble and Glorious Quran. Ahkam of acts of worship,

Fasting in the Quran

One of the salient topics discussed in Islamic rulings is fasting. Though a common feature in many Abrahamic religions, fasting has been associated with Muslim practices. In this article we will be exploring different aspects of fasting in

Salat in the Quran

Every religious individual in the world usually has some form of worship. Muslims worship God through a ritual known as salat or ṣalāh (صَلوٰة), meaning prayer. It is performed five times a day. The Quran has laid great emphasis on this

What does halal mean?

In the following article we are going to discuss the following topics: A course on halal food If you are wondering what food or drinks are halal or haram to consume, you can learn all about them by enrolling in our course on halal