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In this category of the Islam4u blog, you will become familiar with many things that relate to the Quran such as information about different surahs (chapters) of the Noble Quran, Quranic stories, the life of different individuals such as prophets and other personalities in the Quran, how to read the Quran, and so on. By reading these articles, you will learn more about the Quran and become better acquainted with Quranic concepts. And of course, we have different courses on the Quran such as “How to Read the Quran” and “Basics of Family in the Quran.”

The Art of Quran Recitation

The Noble Prophet (s) said, “Recite the Quran with a good voice, for a good voice adds to the beauty of the Quran.” We learn from the above narration that reciting the Quran melodiously and with a good voice dates back to the early days of

History of the holy Quran

The compilation of the Quran in its current form, including the arrangement of its verses and chapters, its dotting, vocalization, and division into parts and sections, was not the result of a single factor, nor was it completed during the…