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Is the Theory of Evolution Real?

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The theory of evolution says that life began with a single organism and gradually evolved into various species over a long period. Specifically, it claims that humans evolved from apes. The theory of evolution, as the name indicates, is nothing but a theory that has never been confirmed through scientific evidence. Theories can always be refuted, either by other more plausible theories or facts. In this article on Islam4u, we will refute this outrageous theory and explore other scientific explanations for life on Earth.

What Does Evolution Try to Prove?

Understanding why this theory was put forward by Charles Darwin centuries ago is quite significant. The whole purpose of the theory of evolution is to somehow create the impression that everything in this universe, the world, the sun, and life on Earth came into existence by chance. There was no order, intelligence, plan, or anything in between. There was a single cell that gradually developed into complex organisms over millions of years. Ultimately, certain animals evolved from different cells, and, based on evolution, humans evolved from apes. This gradual evolution and development of different species denote the idea that no living being was created with all its bodily features at once.

For example, they first did not have ears but came to acquire them as a result of the need for them. Some species did not have wings. They developed them due to their survival needs. These were the fundamentals of the theory of evolution.

What Does Evolution Try to Disprove?

The theory of evolution disproves the idea of the creation of the universe, the world, humans, animals, plants, and every living and non-living being by an omnipotent and omniscient Creator. Although it does not directly do this, the whole mechanics and system of evolution are in such a way that there is no place for a Creator. Everything just happens by itself, chaotically, without any purpose or plan behind it. For this reason, Islam strongly opposes the theory of evolution and evolutionary biology.

Is There Any Scientific Theory That Supports the Creation of the Universe?

The theory of evolution asserts that every part and component that helps an organism to survive or adapt to its environment must be acquired gradually and over a certain period, which is usually hundreds to millions of years. The problem is that some cells or molecules have different components that allow them to operate only if all of those necessary parts are present. If one of them is taken away, the entire cell or molecule shuts down. How is it possible for each of these components to gradually be acquired when all of them must exist at the same time for that organism to function? Some scientists reacted to the theory of evolution after witnessing this phenomenon and named it irreducible complexity. You simply cannot reduce one component and expect the cell to function with the others.

Consequently, they came up with a new scientific theory known as Intelligent Design. The theory of Intelligent Design asserts that the complexity that exists in cells and molecules whereby every component works together to operate the cell or molecule must be made by an Intelligent Designer. There must be intelligence involved. This cannot have happened haphazardly. This scientific theory is perfectly in line with Islam, which says that the entire universe and whatever exists in it has been created by a mighty Creator known as Allah. Allah has created everything in good proportions and all the complex systems within the bodies of humans, animals, plants, and insects are His design. It is not something that came into being out of necessity and without any plan or intelligence involved.    

Religion and Science

Most modern scientists and biologists believe in the theory of evolution. Some of them are atheists and some claim they are not. When asked how they can believe in both God and evolution, they say, “Science and religion are two separate things that must not be mixed. We believe in God because it is something we feel, even though we cannot prove it with science.” What logic is this? They are saying that science does not prove the existence of God, and worse yet, promotes the idea that nothing has been created by God. How can they still claim that they believe in God? This makes absolutely no sense. A scientist who firmly believes in the theory of evolution and does not doubt it, despite it being nothing but a theory, cannot justifiably claim that he also believes in God.

If someone asks them, “Can you prove the existence of God?” What will they say? They will probably say, “I cannot prove His existence, but it is something that you must feel and believe on your own.” No one will want to believe in such a god whose existence cannot be proven. As a result, we should refute such a theory and do our best to prove the existence of Allah even if it is with science. The science that we believe in is one where all creatures are created by Allah. He has given each creature its special endowments and taught them how to live. Humans can think, reason, love, and form communities. Birds and certain insects can fly. Fish can swim underwater without having the need to come out of the water to breathe. Allah created cattle and sheep so that we can use their wool, meat, and milk. Therefore, religion and science can be fully compatible.

The Quran is chock-full of verses that attract our attention to the subtleties and complexities that exist in Allah’s creation. Allah says, “Just look at the bee and how We inspire it to eat from the nectar of different flowers and follow the ways of your Lord. Juices of diverse colors are issued from its belly.” It also says there is a lesson for you in the cattle. Milk comes from between their intestinal waste and blood. Allah wants to say that He is the one who created the wonders of nature. They did not come into existence by chance.

Was Man Created or Did He Evolve?

Another question that arises is whether the first human being on earth was created by God or he evolved from previous animals and living beings who were inferior to him over the span of thousands to millions of years. The Quran provides us with a clear answer. Adam was the very first human being of our species whom Allah created. In other words, our common ancestor is Adam, not apes. Of course, it is said that there were many other human-like creatures on earth before Adam who went extinct. Those creatures were similar to humans but they were very much different in terms of their intellect, capabilities, and potentials. The human race as we know it today has descended from Adam and Eve whom Allah Himself created and as mentioned in holy scriptures such as the Torah, Gospel, and Quran.

The evolution of man is nothing but a figment of Darwin’s and other scientists’ imagination that has not been proven despite the fact centuries have passed since this unusual theory was advanced. Allah created and fashioned the human being into a perfect form. Every single body part, organ, system, and cells in a human work together in harmony to allow the body to function without any fault. It is impossible to have a heart without a brain, a liver without a kidney, lungs without a nose and mouth, and the list goes on. Allah says in the Quran:

لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنسَانَ فِي أَحْسَنِ تَقْوِيمٍ ‎﴿٤﴾‏

We certainly created man in the best of forms; (4)

Why would Allah create a deficient human being who gradually evolves into a better one over a long period? Is Allah so powerless that he cannot make a perfect being that does not need anything to be added or subtracted from his body? That is not the case. Allah created man from clay, fashioned him into a perfect shape, breathed into him of His own spirit, and said to him be, and he was. Nowhere in any holy scripture, verse, narration, or hadith do we read that the human being was perfected gradually and over a span of thousands to millions of years. These are all atheistic, materialistic, and hedonistic ideas that Satan himself has inculcated into the human mind to lead people astray.

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The theory of evolution is slowly losing its proponents because it is an outdated “scientific” theory that falls short of explaining many things that exist at the cellular and molecular levels. Evolution’s worst implication is that God does not exist and everything just happened accidentally, randomly, gradually, and without any plan, design, or intelligence over millions of years. Such a belief goes against all Islamic teachings. Some have even said that Charles Darwin formulated this theory in reaction to his anger and disappointment at the church, dissatisfaction with God, and the misfortunes of his personal life. In the end, belief in Allah changes our view about science and biology and even strengthens our faith in Allah. When we look at the wonders of creation, we praise the Creator and wonder who else could have done such fascinating works. No Muslim should believe in the theory of evolution, period.

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  1. Cornelius says

    “Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?”

    You do not need to worry about fighting secularism, ALLAH is the most Holy, the all KNOWING, ALL WISE, AND FORGIVING. The Quran is full of predictions and hints, that all the things we spend hours, years, and millennium on is accounted for in the Holy Quran. ALLAH said all life came from water, and to make such a statement took ages long for the scientific community.

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