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Juz 29

Surah Muzzammil

Surah Muzzammil is one of the very first surahs that God revealed to Prophet Muhammad in Mecca at the time God was sending him to be a prophet for his people. Therefore, it is

Surah Jinn

Surah Jinn (سورة الجن) is one of the chapters in the 29th part of the Quran. It is divided into two parts; the first narrates the state of the jinn in their words and they describe their

Surah Maarij

Surah Maarij (معارج) also called surah Sa’ala Sa’ilun (سأل سائل) and Waqi’ (واقع) is the 70th surah of the Quran in Juz’ 29 with 44 verses and 217 words. The name of the surah comes from

Surah Haqqah

Haqqah (حاقه), meaning "the Inevitable Reality", is one of the names of Qiyamah. Surah Haqqah, also called Silsilah (سلسله) and Wa’iyah (واعیه) is the 69th surah of the Noble Quran in Juz'

Surah Qalam

Surah Qalam (سورة القلم) or Nun (ن) or Nun wa al-Qalam (ن و القلم) as it is also referred to is one of the chapters of the 29th part of the Quran. It starts and ends with an indication of

Surah Mulk

Surah Mulk (مُلك: Sovereignty) is aka Tabāraka (تَبارَكَ: Blessed is He), Māni‘ah (مانِعَة: Preventer), Wāqiyah (واقيَة: protector), Munjiyah (مُنجيَة: Rescuer), and Mannā‘ah (مَنّاعَة: One

Surah Nuh

Surah Nuh is 71th both in the order of revelation to Prophet Muhammad (ṣ) and its position in the Quran. This chapter is in juz’ 29 of the Quran and is among the Mufaṣṣalāt, meaning the