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A Journey Through the Life of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)

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Name: Muhammad

Father: Imam Hasan al-Askari (PBUH)

Mother: Narjis

Titles: Al-Hujjah (The Proof), Al-Khatam (The Seal), Sahib al-Zaman (The Lord of the Age), Al-Qa’im (The Riser), Al-Muntazar (The Awaited), and the most famous, Al-Mahdi (The Guided One).

Birth: On the night of the middle of Sha’ban in the year 255 AH, at dawn.

Birthplace: The city of Samarra.

Minor Occultation: Began at the age of five and lasted for 69 years.

Representatives: Four distinguished figures from the Shia community, namely:

  1. Abu Amro, Uthman ibn Sa’id ibn Amr al-Amri al-Asadi, the former agent and representative of Imam Hadi and Imam Askari (PBUH).
  2. His son, Abu Ja’far, Muhammad ibn Uthman ibn Sa’id, passed away in 304 AH.
  3. Abu al-Qasim, Husayn ibn Ruh ibn Abi Bahr al-Nawbakhti, passed away in 326 AH.
  4. Abu al-Hasan, Ali ibn Muhammad al-Samarri, passed away in 329 AH.

Their residence was Baghdad, where all matters concerning the Shia community, including requests and letters, were managed and exchanged through these four individuals. Their graves in Baghdad are well-known.

Major Occultation: Commenced with the death of the fourth representative and envoy in the year 329 AH and will continue until the divine decree allows for his reappearance and uprising.

Representatives and the Role of People During the Major Occultation: Those who are self-restrained jurists, opposing their desires, and commanding over the decree of the Lord are the representatives of the Imam of the Time. It is incumbent upon others to follow them, as such individuals are considered proofs (Hujjat) over the people by the Imam, who in turn is the Proof of God over them.

Time of Reappearance: When the herald of truth calls from the heavens: “Truth is with the family of Muhammad.” The name of Mahdi will be on everyone’s lips, people will be enchanted by him, and no one will speak of anyone else.

Place of Reappearance: Mecca.

Place of Allegiance (Pledge of loyalty to the Imam): The Holy Mosque, between the Rukn and Maqam.

Announcement: An angel will proclaim from above: “This is the Mahdi, follow him.”

Relics of Prophets: Solomon’s ring on his finger, Moses’ staff in his hand, and in summary, what all the good of humanity has had, he alone possesses.

Companions: Three hundred and thirteen in number (equivalent to the companions of Badr), forming the core leadership of his governance, essentially the main directors of Imam Mahdi’s uprising and the primary executors of the global Islamic revolution, gathering around him from all corners of the world.

Governing Method: Based on the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ali (PBUH).

Scope and Domain of Governance: Encompassing the entire world, filling the earth with justice and equity after it has been filled with tyranny and oppression.

Government Center: The Mosque of Kufa, the center of governance and caliphate of his esteemed grandfather Ali (PBUH).

Victory Over Enemies: Similar to the victories of his noble grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), over the disbelievers and polytheists, God will support him with battalions of angels in thousands, assisting him in battlefronts, just as believers were supported and led to victory in Badr, other numerous fronts, and the historical day of Hunayn, as well as during the Battle of the Trench, instilling fear and terror in the hearts of disbelievers and polytheists.

Duration of Rule: Narrations, mostly from Sunni sources, vary in this regard, but according to Shia belief, only God knows.

Minister and Deputy: Jesus (PBUH) will descend from the heavens and serve as his minister, collaborating with him.

Blessings of His Governance and Leadership: The doors of goodness and blessings will be opened from the heavens for people, lifespans will be extended, people will live in comfort and without need, and cities will be interconnected due to prosperity and greenery to the extent that travelers will not need to carry provisions, and if a woman or women travel alone from the East to the West, they will be unharmed.

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