Divine Law or Human Law?

Legislation and lawmaking are correct and righteous, and lead humanity to its true happiness when they are in harmony with the creation and nature of humans and the world; with human nature and creation, with the reality of the world’s creation, and with the intrinsic relationship between the universe and mankind.

 Humans need the world and are connected to it, yet they cannot impact the world in just any manner; as the world too does not affect humans in just any way. This mutual influence between humans and the universe, Adam and the world, is specific and limited. Therefore, a law that brings happiness is one that is in harmony with these three elements of creation. Such a law does not originate from humans themselves nor from nature and the world; for neither do humans fully comprehend the depths of the world, nor is the world aware of itself, let alone be aware of humans and their relationship with it. The lawmaker can only be the one who created humans and the world and who has regulated the mutual relationship between humans and the world, and that is none but Allah. Thus, it is stated in the Holy Quran: ‘Indeed, judgment belongs only to Allah’ [Quran 12:40], meaning the establishment of a blissful law is exclusive to Allah, and no one but He has the capability to set laws.

Humans and the world, in their creation and existence, are servants of Allah, and this is the reason why humans, in legislation and lawmaking, must also be the servants of Allah and follow only His perfect and superior law. If a being has received its entire existence from the most sacred essence of Allah and is inherently needy of Him, being dependent on Allah in its ‘essence,’ ‘attributes,’ ‘actions,’ and ‘effects,’ and in its origin, present, future, and survival, then in its creation, like other beings of the world and even the angels, it is a servant of Allah; as the Holy Quran states: ‘There is no one in the heavens and the earth but comes to the Most Merciful as a servant’ [Quran 19:93], meaning everyone in the heavens and earth is in servitude to the Merciful Allah; or it says: ‘There is nothing that does not sing His praise’ [Quran 17:44], meaning everything is engaged in glorifying and praising Him; or it states: ‘Everything in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him’ [Quran 64:1], and also: ‘He said to the heavens and the earth, “Come willingly or unwillingly.” They both said, “We come willingly”‘ [Quran 41:11].

Therefore, if the dominion of the heavens, the earth, humans, and everything that exists within them is in the hands of Allah: ‘Blessed is He in whose hand is dominion’ [Quran 67:1], ‘Exalted is He who holds all control over everything’ [Quran 23:88], and all creatures, great and small, are servants, obedient, submissive, glorifying, humble, and prostrating to Him: ‘To Him submits whoever is in the heavens and the earth’ [Quran 3:83], ‘To Allah prostrates whoever is in the heavens and the earth’ [Quran 16:49], it is necessary for humans, in their individual and social lives, and in their laws of life, to be servants of Allah and accept only the perfect and blissful divine law, and not submit to imperfect, ignorant, and passion-driven human laws.


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