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“One must not trust appearances “(A French Proverb)

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Written By: Mohd Ali Zia

Sweden, a country that looks secular and a happy one is just like a fresh apple rotten at its core. They talk about happiness, health, and security but aren’t potent enough to achieve secularism even in such a small geographical area. Some fanatics desecrated the Muslim holy book The Qur’an on Eid ul Zuha for the second time in history. It’s not a mistake but now they have committed a sin doing it the second time.

Do they not think about the rights of the people? Muslims, who are tortured nearly everywhere, should deserve some respect. Why lodge hatred against a particular community? What’s the use of promoting global peace or being a part of some international offices when they are not able to resolve their own sovereign matters? It’s just like a psychopath giving sermons on mental stability or an uneducated layman teaching Einstein’s mass-energy relationship.

By doing so, Sweden not only sets the whole world on fire but also has shown that the minority of Muslims in that area is diminutive. Local minorities get chafed by such irksome and rotten behaviors. There are countries far larger than Sweden in terms of population and area but still, people of different cultures are living together and the minority never feel down in dumps! The ones who burnt it had never read the Quran before doing such a sacrilegious act.

The beautiful verses on the creation of heavens, and mountains, or talking of how merciful Allah can never cause any human to do such a thing. Be it the lovely Surah Rahman or Surah Yaseen as it throbs as its heart. Verses are so beautiful that if people read them at leisure or listen to them will surely show them the great signs of God.
There are verses on Big Bang theory, embryology, high boson particles, etc. These highly scientific concepts are already mentioned in Quran. Yet people ignore the value of such an important book.

Take the instance of Hussain, the universal leader of humanity, who sacrificed his life on securing the religion. The ambrosial chapters that thread into a beautiful rosary or the prostration leading to a perfect purification of soul or circulation around the magnificent Kaaba like smaller elements around the center of mass or the beauty of veils or the calligraphic scripture Qur’an are all beautiful elements that belong to Islam.

Sweden should not only repent for such a crime but also protect the sacrosanct aspect of the Qur’an by distributing it to the people and making them read the ethereal life. Still waiting for Imam Mahdi’s return to promote peace and thread hospitality in our lives like Imam Hussain.

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