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Prepare for Ramadan: 4 Essential Steps to Take Now

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The blessed month of sha’ban, filled with grace and virtue, concluded much sooner than we anticipated. We have little time left before we step into the auspicious and grace-filled month of our lord’s hospitality. We must prepare sooner for this divine celebration. If only we prepared for god’s grand feast as meticulously as we do for ordinary gatherings!!!!.

In this article at Islam4u, we have compiled actions to take before the month of Ramadan for you.

Pre-Ramadan Practices and Actions

To enter this grand celebration with a worthy exterior (body) and interior (mid), we must undertake several important actions and make the most of these final days of the great month of sha’ban. The imams have warned us not to squander this precious opportunity and to strive to make amends.

The most important actions we can take to enter the feast of light and mercy with a freer spirit and better preparedness include:

1- Repentance Before the Arrival of Ramadan

The first step we must take, which will open the door for further steps, is repentance. Many of us have not felt the arrival and departure of the illuminated months of Rajab and Sha’ban, and they were no different from other days for us. Be aware, that without a jolt to ourselves, the blessed month of Ramadan will also pass quickly.

Repentance cleanses the soul of dirt and impurities, lightening our load, and allowing us to take the initial steps toward spirituality and fully enjoy performing acts of worship and recommended practices.

Imam Ali (as) said, “Repentance cleanses the hearts and washes away sins.”[1]

Imam Ali (as) said, “Whoever returns [to god], god will turn to him and command his limbs and every part of the earth to preserve his honor, cover his faults, and erase the sins the recording angels have written.”[2]

2- Seeking Forgiveness from Those Around Us

In our social lives, we interact with others, and it’s possible that we might have unintentionally caused distress or harm. Perhaps we’ve gossiped about them, damaged their reputation, or criticized them… These are all sins that weigh heavily on the soul because injustice towards people cannot be cleansed just by repentance. We must try to gain the satisfaction of those around us as much as possible.

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “May god have mercy on a servant who seeks forgiveness from a brother he has wronged, before being questioned [on the day of judgment], where there will be no dinar or dirham, so if the person has good deeds, they will be taken from them, and if not, sins of the wronged will be added to their sins.”[3]

The beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan is a good opportunity for seeking forgiveness, with humility and respect, from our families, friends, and colleagues.

3- Cleaning homes and mosques as a pre-Ramadan action

During the blessed month of Ramadan, angels descend to the Earth and circle around those fasting, seeking forgiveness for them. Angels do not enter places that are impure and unclean.

We need to clean our homes so that there is no impurity in our clothes or our homes. Cleaning mosques is even more necessary due to their significance. We must clean our mosques, removing dust from their walls and floors, to prepare them for hosting those fasting and the angels.

4- Fasting in the last three days of Sha’ban

Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever fasts the last three days of Sha’ban and connects them with Ramadan, God will write for him the reward of fasting two consecutive months.”[4]

Abdul Salam bin Saleh Harawi said – I arrived at Imam Reza (peace be upon him) on the last Friday of Sha’ban.

He told me: ‘O Abu Salt! Most of Sha’ban has passed, and this is its last Friday. So, make up for your shortcomings in what remains of it. Engage in what is beneficial for you and abandon what is vain and irrelevant to you.[5]

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: “Repentance cleanses the hearts and washes away sins.”

Engage in abundant prayer, seeking forgiveness, and reciting the Quran, and repent for your sins before God, so when the month of God comes to you, you are purified for God.

Important actions and deeds before the month of Ramadan

Do not leave any trust unfulfilled, nor bear any grudge in your heart against a believer, except that you have cleared it, and do not abandon any sin you used to commit, except that you have ceased it.

Fear God and rely on Him in both secret and open; “And whoever relies on God, He is sufficient for him. Indeed, God will accomplish His purpose. Indeed, God has set a measure for all things.’ And in what remains of this month, frequently say: ‘O God! If You have not forgiven us in what has passed of Sha’ban, then forgive us in what remains of it!’ Indeed, the Almighty God frees many from Hellfire in this month out of respect for Ramadan.”[6]


Whether we like it or not, opportunities pass by. Only a few days are left of the virtuous month of Sha’ban, days that act as a bridge to the blessed month of Ramadan. Let’s take these few days to cleanse our souls and beings. If we enter the blessed month of Ramadan with impurities, we will also lose this rejuvenating opportunity, a month where even breathing is considered an act of worship. Let’s act so that, by the grace of the Almighty God, we do not breathe impurities.

It’s good to know: Supplications during the month of Ramadan

1 – It is narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned the great virtue of fasting each day of the blessed month of Ramadan and specified a particular supplication with great virtue and reward for each day.

2 – Recite this prayer every day:

‘O Allah, this is the month of Ramadan in which You have sent down the Quran as a guidance to mankind with clear signs for guidance and differentiation (between right and wrong)…’ [7]

3 – Whoever recites this supplication every day of the month of Ramadan, Almighty God will forgive forty years of their sins:

‘O Allah, Lord of the month of Ramadan, in which You have sent down the Quran and made fasting obligatory on Your servants, grant me the pilgrimage to Your sacred House in this year and every year, and forgive me for the major sins, for none but You can forgive them, O the Glorious, the Honorable.’[8]

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