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Qamar Bani Hashim: Celebrating Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas’s Birth Anniversary

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Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas, the son of Imam Ali, peace be upon them both, was born on the 4th of Sha’ban in the year 26 AH in Medina. His mother was Fatimah Kelabiya, who later became known by the moniker “Umm al-Banin.” Hazrat Abul-Fazl was renowned for his noble stature, handsome face, and unparalleled bravery, earning him the nickname “Qamar Bani Hashim” for his striking appearance. In the Battle of Karbala, he served as the standard-bearer of Imam Hussein’s army and was responsible for procuring water for the tents of the children and the family of the Imam. His birth anniversary has been designated as the Day of the Wounded in honor of his sacrifice and heroism on the day of Ashura.

Biographical Sketch of Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas

After the passing of Fatimah Zahra, peace be upon her, Imam Ali, following his late wife’s will, sought to marry a woman from a brave and noble family to bear him a valiant son. He asked his brother Aqeel, an expert in genealogy, to find a suitable match. Aqeel suggested a woman from the esteemed Kelabi tribe, known for their bravery. Following this advice, Imam Ali sent a proposal to Umm al-Banin of the Kelabi tribe. Though the exact date of this proposal and subsequent marriage is not recorded, historical sources place it around the time leading up to the birth of Hazrat Abul-Fazl in 26 AH.

Umm al-Banin, Mother of Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas

Umm al-Banin, daughter of Hizam, hailed from the noble Kelabi tribe and was renowned for her virtue and recognition of the rights of the Ahl al-Bayt. She held a distinguished position within the household for her profound devotion and loyalty to the family. Historians commend her noble lineage and the valor of her ancestors, highlighting the high esteem in which her family was held, even by the kings of the time. The second martyr, a revered scholar, praised Umm al-Banin for her deep understanding and steadfast commitment to the Ahl al-Bayt.

Life and Legacy of Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas

Accompanying his father, Hazrat Abul-Fazl benefited greatly from Imam Ali’s virtues in peace and war, preparing him for future challenges. His most notable act of valor occurred during the Battle of Siffin, where he defeated the sons of Abu Shatha, showcasing his bravery and loyalty. Spending approximately 15 years by his father’s side, and later under the care of Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn, peace be upon them, Hazrat Abul-Fazl exemplified obedience and devotion to his leaders. His upbringing instilled in him a profound respect and humility towards the Imam of his time, a principle he deeply understood and lived by. His companionship with his brothers and adherence to his parents’ teachings reflect his high moral and intellectual standing, continually enriching his knowledge and embodying Islamic virtues.

Leaves from the Tome of Virtues and Merits of Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas

Hazrat Abbas, peace be upon him, epitomized both outer beauty and inner perfection, his radiant visage earning him the title “Qamar Bani Hashim.” Imam Jafar Sadiq, peace be upon him, his uncle, revered Hazrat Abbas with the celestial title “righteous servant,” declaring, “Peace be upon you, O righteous servant.” Imam Sadiq also acknowledged his robust faith and profound insight, testifying to his deep understanding and foresight. In the Ziyarat Nahiya Muqaddasa, it is stated, “I bear witness that you were devoted to Allah, His Messenger, and your brother.” Imam Sajjad, peace be upon him, said, “May God’s mercy be upon Abbas! By God, he sacrificed himself, displaying bravery in battle, striking at the heart of the enemy forces who overwhelmed him, ultimately sacrificing his life for his brother until his hands were severed. Allah, the Almighty, compensated him with wings to fly alongside the angels in Paradise, just as He did for Ja’far ibn Abi Talib. Indeed, in the sight of Allah, Hazrat Abbas holds a stature that all martyrs on the Day of Judgment will envy.

Behavioral Models in the Personality of Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas

The virtues and perfections of Hazrat Abbas (peace be upon him) emanate from a circle of complete allegiance and unconditional obedience to “Wilayat” (guardianship). His entire being and excellence were illuminated by his absolute devotion to the Wali of Allah of his time, his brother Husayn (peace be upon him). This allegiance is the foundation of his other virtues. Without this obedience, his merits would hold no value in the divine realm. Acceptance of the guardianship of the divine proof and absolute adherence directed not only his actions on Ashura but also before it. His miracles, known as “Bab al-Hawaij” for resolving the desperate needs of his devotees, are just a fraction of the worldly rewards bestowed upon him by Allah, with unimaginable treasures awaiting him in the hereafter as a reward for his allegiance to the moon of Bani Hashim.

On the Banquet of Grace of Hazrat Abul-Fazl al-Abbas

Ayatollah Hajj Sayyid Abbas Kashani Ha’eri recounted a day at the home of Grand Ayatollah Hakim when the custodian of Hazrat Abul-Fazl’s holy shrine called, reporting flooding that threatened the sanctuary and its structures. Ayatollah Hakim promised to help by Friday. Accompanied by scholars including Ha’eri, they visited the shrine. Upon descending into the sacred cellar, Ayatollah Hakim was moved to tears by the sight of Hazrat Abul-Fazl’s tomb, miraculously protected from the water, reminiscent of Imam Hussein’s tomb, which also defied attempts by the Abbasid caliph to submerge it.

In the Shadow of the Poetry of Valor

Upon this day, the valiant Abaalfazl’s birth does shine,
A beacon of grace to Earth, so divine.
After Hussein, the sun at dawn’s first light,
A moon in his trail, against darkness fights.

His hand, a fortress against tyranny’s night,
For God’s sacred creed, a warrior of might.
In stature noble, like cypresses tall,
The beloved of the Creator, to bless us all.

An epoch has never seen, nor will it ever behold,
A heart so pure, so fiercely bold.
Unique in essence, a star among stars,
Abbas stands alone, healing all scars.

To Hussein, a brother, through God’s own will,
A promise of hope, a storm to still.
A sentinel of faith, in love’s eternal bond,
On his sacred day, we fondly respond.

Droplets from the Pen

What fortunate prayer owed the world this remarkable joy, That God inscribed your blessed name on Earth’s forehead, And destined the waters to your generous hands? The blessed seconds yearned for your arrival, and excitement surged through the rivers’ veins. From your birth’s first moment, butterflies danced to the divine gaze in your eyes, And all stars became pilgrims to your sight. You came to fortify the tents of nobility and valor. It seems God entrusted all locked doors to your honorable hands, For with the mention of your name, knots unravel! Your heavenly face related to the moon’s luminance, As it paused on the fourteenth night. Your smile spreads the scent of paradise flowers on Earth. Yours is a tradition of manhood, and your method, a game of life. O Master! The Euphrates’ lips crack to kiss yours. Gather all the world’s waters, and they sing of the thirst quenched by your sacrifice, Leaving all waters longing. Your arrival will illuminate Muharram’s

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