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Ramadan: A Moment of Reflection and Deep Contemplation

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The month of Ramadan, the month of Allah is here. This is the moment when we should dedicate everything we have to Allah. Allah has invited us to this banquet and we as His guests, must respect Him and devote our entire being to Him. The month of Ramadan is not just a month during which intentions and actions count. It is also a month when we must reflect on our entire lives. What am I doing in this world? Where am I heading? Am I on the right path? Will I prosper in the hereafter? These are all questions we must answer as we think deeply about our destiny.

Why Should Other Months Be Different From Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan, we do our best to be good Muslims. We fast and refrain from food, drink, intercourse, and most importantly sins. This month is full of spirituality and we can feel just how close Allah is to us. We recite the Quran very much during Ramadan as well as supplications that are dedicated to this holy month. Our eagerness, excitement, and enthusiasm for doing good deeds are much more than in other months. This is because Ramadan is the best of all months in the Islamic calendar. The sad truth is, however, that when this month ends, Muslims start to be less inclined to devote their lives to Allah and seek His satisfaction.

Indeed, Ramadan is an extraordinary month that is filled with blessings. However, it must be treated as a crash course for worshipping and obeying Allah in the other months. What would be the use of us being extremely devout Muslims during one month and dull, uninterested, and indifferent Muslims during the other months? Therefore, we must maintain the momentum that we build up during Ramadan to act upon the Quran and the way of life of the Ahlul Bait (a) throughout the year and our lives.

Practicing Obedience to Allah and Disobedience to Satan

The month of Ramadan is a month in which we are all intent on obeying Allah and disobeying Satan. When we fast, we are careful that we do not break it not just by eating and drinking but also by not committing sins. Fasting aids us not to commit sins and instead do things that bring Allah’s satisfaction. When we think about it, we notice that fasting is not just a physical refrainment but also a spiritual one. Therefore, it is a great tool to use in other months as well whenever we feel there seems no alternative other than fasting to keep us from sinning. Fasting strengthens one’s self-control. When your self-control is strengthened, so is your willpower, allowing you to do many things that you once thought impossible.

Perhaps you had a great deal of anxiety when socializing with others or giving a speech. Now that you have greater willpower and self-confidence, you can do many things that you thought you could never do before. Just by practicing obedience to Allah and disobedience to Satan and your nafs, many things in your life will change for the better. It is this mindfulness of the month of Ramadan that brings such blessings to your life.

The Importance of Love for Allah

Perhaps we humans would cease to exist if we did not feel love for our Creator and His creation. Ramadan is the best time to show our love for Allah. We must reflect on all the generosities and favors Allah has shown us. Allah loves us dearly. We too must love Him. We should also love the servants of Allah, our dear brethren in faith, our family, parents, siblings, spouses, and children. We must try to emulate Allah’s attributes. Given that Allah loves His righteous beings, we too must emulate Him by loving our brothers and sisters in faith, families, spouses, and children. If we love Allah, we will love our families, spouses, and children, too.

If we claim to love Allah, we must show this love in our actions. One of the most beautiful manifestations of showing love for Allah is fasting during the month of Ramadan. We say to Allah, “I will refrain from eating, drinking, and having intercourse because You have told me to do so and I love You.” For who else other than Allah is anyone willing to do such a thing? If someone told you not to eat or drink for several hours to show your love for them, would you do it? No. Fasting is only for Allah’s pleasure and is the best way of showing love for Him.  

Asking Allah for Forgiveness

The doors to Allah’s mercy are wide open during Ramadan. It is the best time to ask Him to forgive our sins. One of the greatest advantages of the blessed month of Ramadan is our chance to ask Allah for forgiveness on the night of ordainment. On the Night of Qadr, everything will be decided for the next Night of Qadr of the following year. If we ask Allah to forgive all our sins and to ordain the best for us, we will undoubtedly have happy lives. Therefore, it is essential that we do not forget to repent of our sins during this month because we probably will not find a better opportunity to do so. As you are fasting, think about the sins you committed. Fasting has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, allowing you to think more deeply. Ask for forgiveness from Allah and make a vow never to commit sins ever again.

Contemplating the Quran

Reciting the Quran during the month of Ramadan is one of the most rewarding acts. Reciting just one verse gives you the reward of reciting the entire Quran. The month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran because Allah revealed this noble book in this month. Reciting the Quran while contemplating the messages it conveys should be the top priority of a believer during this blessed month. The Quran never becomes repetitive and we never become habituated to it. It is as though we understand new things about its verses every time we recite them. We should also try to memorize as many verses and chapters of the Quran as we can. All of this is a perfect excuse for better contemplation of the Quran.

The Birth of Imam Hassan (a) and Martyrdom of Imam Ali (a)

Ramadan 15th is the birthday of the second Imam of the Shia, Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (a). Imam Hassan (a) was known for his generosity and nobility. The month of Ramadan is further blessed by the birth of this infallible. Ramadan is a good time to become especially fond of both the Quran and the Ahlul Bait (a). It is a month in which Imam Hassan (a) was born and a month in which his father Imam Ali (a) was martyred. Imam Ali (a) was struck on the head by a sword at the hands of the most wretched of people on the 19th of Ramadan. He was martyred on the 21st of Ramadan. Muslims mourn the martyrdom of the first Imam and vicegerent of the Prophet (s) during the nights of Qadr. During these nights, we contemplate the innocence of Imam Ali (a) and all the members of the Ahlul Bait (a). They wished to implement the laws of Islam the same way the Prophet (s) did. However, they were met with the opposition of their adversaries who saw this against their interests.

When we think about it, we observe that all the Imams were martyred at the hands of the cruel tyrants of their time. What is the reason behind this? It is all because they advocated for the truth and wished to safeguard Islam, something their opponents despised.


The month of Ramadan is the month of Allah. We are all invited to the banquet of Allah where He Himself is the host. He wants us to call Him, supplicate Him, act righteously, and remember Him greatly. Fasting is the best way of enjoying this blessed month. Fasting during the day and feasting at night is an immense spiritual and physical pleasure for all those who keep fast during this month. While we observe the fast, we are expected to reflect on and deeply contemplate the circumstances of life in this world and the hereafter. In conclusion, the month of Ramadan is the perfect time for thinking deeply about one’s state of affairs. It is a golden opportunity to ask what you need from Allah and ask for forgiveness for the sins you may have committed.

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