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The Prophet’s 32 Timeless Traits

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The venerable Prophet of Islam, may God’s blessings be upon him and his progeny, was throughout his blessed life an exemplar and embodiment of the highest moral conduct, behavior, and speech. His tradition and way of life are a commendable model for all humanity, especially for Muslims, and it is incumbent upon us all to understand his existential dimensions and to follow in his esteemed footsteps.

In human history, few figures have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of billions as Prophet Muhammad, the final messenger of Islam. His life, a confluence of deep spirituality, unwavering compassion, and exemplary conduct, has been a beacon of light guiding countless souls through the corridors of time. It is not merely in the grandiosity of miracles or the profundity of revelations that his legacy resonates, but in the subtle intricacies of his character, the everyday interactions, and the gentle whispers of kindness that cascaded from his being.

As we navigate through the tumultuous waves of our modern era, the yearning for a compass to steer our moral vessel has never been more pronounced. The characteristics of the Prophet, as encapsulated in the treasured narrations of Hadith, are not relics of a bygone age but timeless pearls scattered across the ocean of his life, waiting to be gathered and strung into the necklace of our own characters.

This article endeavors to illuminate 32 of these luminescent pearls, 32 characteristics derived from the authentic traditions that portray Prophet Muhammad not just as a figure to be revered, but as a mentor to be emulated. In embracing these traits, we do not merely pay homage to a revered historical figure; we uplift ourselves, our communities, and the very essence of our humanity. We rediscover the beauty of patience in adversity, the strength of humility in power, and the serenity of faith in chaos.

How similar are our morals to those of our noble Prophet (PBUH)?

Our dear Prophet:

  1. Was always contemplative.
  2. Was mostly silent.
  3. Had a gentle disposition.
  4. Never belittled anyone.
  5. Was never angered by the world and its discomforts.
  6. When a right was violated, he was unrecognizable in his anger until he assisted in restoring that right.
  7. Most of his laughter was in smiles.
  8. He said: Convey the needs of those who cannot reach me to me.
  9. Was affable with people and did not push them away.
  10. Maintained moderation in all affairs and did not indulge in excesses or deficiencies.
  11. Controlled his tongue from speaking unnecessary words.
  12. Did not fall short in performing his duty.
  13. The most virtuous person in the eyes of the Prophet was the one who wished the most good for the people.
  14. Did not choose a special place for himself in gatherings.
  15. When entering a group, he would sit in the nearest available spot and instruct his companions to do the same.
  16. Would fulfill the needs of anyone who turned to him for help, or they would be content with his pleasant words.
  17. The Prophet’s behavior was so gentle that people regarded him as a caring and kind father, and he considered everyone’s rights equal.
  18. His assembly was one of patience, modesty, truthfulness, and trustworthiness.
  19. He was not fault-finding and did not excessively praise others.
  20. The Prophet kept himself away from three things: arguing, excessive talking, and speaking without necessity.
  21. He never scolded anyone.
  22. He did not seek out people’s slips or mistakes.
  23. He would not speak unless there was a hope of earning spiritual reward in it.
  24. He did not interrupt someone’s speech unless they transgressed boundaries.
  25. He walked gently and with dignity.
  26. His speech was succinct, comprehensive, calm, and measured, and the tone of his voice was the most beautiful among people.
  27. The Prophet was patient in all states and against all difficulties.
  28. He sought forgiveness (made istighfar) seventy times a day.
  29. He did not spend a moment of his blessed life in vain.
  30. He was the last to get angry and the first to be satisfied.
  31. He would shake hands with the rich and the poor alike, and would not withdraw his hand until the other person did.
  32. He joked with people to make them happy.
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