Why Should We Worship God Alone?

Why should we worship God alone?

God, the most merciful, extends His mercy over His creation. He is the All-Sufficient who bestows His blessings on mankind. He deserves to be worshipped alone. Worshipping means becoming humble before someone or something and holding the belief that he is the Lord. It is such because you consider that all things are in his […]

Are the Prophets of God Infallible?

Are the Prophets of God Infallible?

Prophets are good examples for their people. God chose them to guide people and lead them to the best way of life. However, you may ask, were the Prophets angels? Why did they not sin? Did the Prophets have no option to sin? Were they forced to obey God, or they had the choice not […]

What Is the Purpose of Human Life?

What Is the Purpose of Human Life

Life is a valuable treasure. Everybody loves to live. But what do we live for? Why has God created us? What will happen to us? Many people have told us what to do or what not to do. However, the answers to these questions are not so clear for us! These are the questions you […]

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Become a Prophet?

Why Did Muhammad Become a Prophet According to Muslims?

Prophets of God conveyed the message of God to people. They taught God’s law to mankind. God chose them as messengers. He protected them with revelation and helped them so they could lead people to prosperity. You may ask why did God choose Prophet Muhammad as a prophet? Why did He prefer Prophet Muhammad over […]

When Prophet Muhammad Split the Moon

When Prophet Muhammad Split the Moon

One of the miracles of Prophet Muhammad was splitting the moon at the request of the polytheists of Mecca. Almost all Muslim historians and traditionists have agreed upon this event. In addition, there is a verse of the Quran that mentions the splitting of the moon. In this article on Islam4u, we will look at […]

How Many Daughters Did Prophet Muhammad (S) Have?

How many daughters did the Prophet have?

The Noble Prophet (S) had four daughters and three sons. Six of these children were from Lady Khadijah and one son from Mariyah Qibtiyah (مارية القبطية), with the name of Ibrahim. All of the children of Prophet Muhammad (S) died during his life span except Fatimah, and his bloodline continued through this heavenly lady. In this […]

Is God Composed of Different Attributes?

Is God Composed of Different Attributes

Is God composed of different names and attributes? Are there any differences between Him and His attributes? Does He need His attributes? We know that God is One, All-Sufficient, infinite, non-physical, and a simple existence. He does not need anyone or anything. Therefore, all of His attributes and His essence are one reality. His essence […]