Benefits of Online Quran Learning for Kids

Learning the Quran online has become extremely popular nowadays. People do almost everything online, including learning the Quran for kids. Kids love to play games and work with applications on smartphones or tablets. Learning the Quran online could be a truly entertaining experience for kids if the app specifically tailors to their needs. This article will explore some of the benefits of online Quran learning for kids.

Having Access to Rich Content

One of the benefits of online Quran learning for kids is that Quranic apps can have rich content that one cannot find anywhere else compared to on-campus courses. For instance, fun-to-watch videos, 3D animations, and games are some of the things offered only by online Quranic apps and courses. Of course, the app should be well designed so that it has educational content while at the same time it does not make children bored. For example, it should teach kids exciting things about the Quran, such as Quranic stories and fun Quranic facts. The Quran Kids app does exactly that. It is based on a puppet show and teaches the stories, meanings, and fun facts about short surahs of the Quran. At the end of each video, the teacher, Zainab, makes fun arts and crafts related to the theme of the surah taught. Download the app now!    

Being in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Going to physical classes has so much hassle, such as commuting, worrying about your child’s health, and many other concerns parents have for their kids. On the other hand, online Quran learning is relatively hassle-free and allows you and your child to enjoy learning the Quran in the comfort of your own home. You do not need to worry about your child’s health either, given the current concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All you have to do is connect your smartphone or tablet to the Internet and download a Quranic app.

Another method of learning the Quran online is through video conferencing and chatting. This method, although very effective, has some drawbacks, such as the fact that a specific time should be allotted for when the class can begin and how children cannot sometimes do other fun things at that time. For example, kids may want to play with their friends at that time, but they have no choice but to attend the online Quran class. With the app-based approach, this is no longer a problem. We here at have designed the perfect Quranic app for teaching the Quran to your kids. This interactive, intuitive, and innovative app teaches nine short surahs of the Quran. Each episode teaches one verse of a short surah. At the end of each episode, the teacher makes fun arts and crafts. Download the app now!


Learning Quran online can be very fun provided that there is an app for such a purpose that is very interactive and entertaining. There are many benefits to learning the Quran online such as having access to rich content and learning in the comfort of your own home. The Quran Kids app has put together all of these benefits. Download the app now to enjoy all of these benefits.

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