How can convince for love marriage

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Assalamu Alaykum to all my dear brothers and sisters I hope you all are doing well in your life. Today we are going to share a powerful and impactful Dua which will be helpful for you to convince Allah for a love marriage. If you’re facing any difficulty in getting your love and convince your parents or any other person around you, then this way will surely help you to its full extent. You don’t have to worry much about it because today we will share some secret tips and suggestions by which you can convince Allah and other persons around you so that you can get ready for the love marriage.

How can I convince Allah for love marriage

You are fortunate that someone is there whom you can love immensely, it will help you to spend the rest of your life with full happiness and peace. You should be grateful that someone came into your life and you can enjoy the rest of your life with them. There are so many people in this world but there is only one person in this world with whom you can connect your emotional intimacy which would last long for the rest of your life. There are a lot of marriages in the world that do not survive for long because Allah is not agreed with this love marriage or your parents and people around you are not accepting the relationship you are having at present. But with some rituals and Faith, you can perform some techniques which will help you to do Love Marriage in Islam. Today we will help you to find a correct Dua which can I help you to get your dream come true and then Confront all the opposite factors and obstacles which you are facing earlier in life. It happens many times that many people are not in support of your relationship, and it implies that destiny and Allah are not allowing you to get into that relationship. But you are solely dedicated to that person only and you want that person to come into your life without any compromise. So you look around for the suggestions and then go here and there but you come hopelessly. But today you have come to the right place because today we will give you the right technique and suggestions which will help you to get your love as soon as possible so that you can get married to that person and also Allah will shower blessings and happiness on you for your love marriage.

How to recite the dua to convince Allah

If you truly want your dream to come true, then you have to perform this Dua for the consecutive 20 days of a month. You have to make sure that there will be no gain in between the process. If there is any gap, then the bond will be a break and you will not be able to re-establish the connection between all the people around you. It will also affect your relationship with your partner. If you do not follow this process sincerely, then Allah will get angry at you and you will not be able to regain the trust of that person Whom you love immensely. So make sure that you follow the rituals of this Dua in the same way as we are showing you.

First of all, you have to recite the surah Yaseen three times before going to make the dua to Allah.

After you recite the surah Yaseen three times, then you have to find a suitable clean place where you can perform the dua peacefully. There should be no one around you and you should not tell anyone before making the Dua. Here you have to recite the yaa wudu 100 Times to attract the attention of Allah.

Once you create the peaceful surroundings around you, then you have to recite The durood Shareef 11 times so that your dua will get more powerful and effective. After doing all this, a long-lasting connection will be established between you, Allah, and the people around you who were against your relationship. You just have to make this process continue for the rest of 28 days.

Now you have to take a glass of water and you have to mix a cube of sugar into it. Then mix it carefully so that you can mix it in the food of those people who are against your relationship. The sweetness of this water will help to create a fruitful bond of your family with you and the person whom you love immensely. When all this scenario comes in a lovely and happy phase, Then they allow will also be happy to see you all happy. It is believed that if the person whom you like and the people around you are happy with your choices, then everyone stays happy with you forever. This is also true in the case of Allah. If Allah is seeing all his kids happy, then he will be happy with your choices.

How this dua help you in the next 28 days

Once you start reciting this Dua, you will start noticing that the reaction of the people around you have started changing in a very short period. You will see that everyone around you is trying to convince you of the person again and again. Everyone is not happy with the relationship you are having with that specific person. Allah will also shower so many blessings and love on you once you convince all your parents and family members. There was only one reason that Allah did not agree with this relationship is that the people around you were not happy with this relationship. But now after performing this Dua, you have convinced and changed the mindset of people around you, Allah is also happy by looking at his kids. You just have to make sure that this process must not break in between. If you follow these continuously and slowly, then no power in this world can break your relationship. You will see that along with Allah, all the family members and the people around you are willingly and happily involved in the relationship you want in your life.

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