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Online Quran Tutor vs. Online Quran Course

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Teaching and learning the Quran is a responsibility that every Muslim should undertake, especially when it comes to children. There are a few options for teaching the Quran to kids online. The first option is using an online Quran tutor who teaches the Quran through live video conferencing. The second choice is an online course offered by an app featuring personal tutors. This article will review both of these methods to see which is more effective.

Online Quran Tutor

Learning the Quran through online Quran tutors has certain advantages and disadvantages. First, children can socially interact with their teachers and classmates and have their questions answered right away. This pretty much mimics a physical classroom environment. Therefore, their social skills will improve. Second, if you live in a country where finding a good Quran teacher is difficult, it would be almost impossible to run a Quran course with physical classes. This is no longer a problem through online Quran tutors because proficient teachers of the Quran who may live in a different country teach the course.

The biggest problem with online Quran tutors is the issue of timing. Kids have to be right on time when the class is about to begin. There is little flexibility as to when the class can start and finish. This can be troublesome, as kids may want to play at that time. Moreover, the online Quran class can get rather boring for kids as there are no fun activities, and all kids have to do is sit and listen to the tutor as they teach them the Quran.

Online Quran Courses

The difference between an online Quran course and online Quran tutoring is that you can take an online course any time you desire. However, online tutoring requires that you allot a specific time for this purpose. Online Quran courses are not the same. Some online courses are web-based and require you to watch the videos on an Internet browser, either on your PC or smart device, whereas some are app-based. The app-based online Quran courses are much easier to take because all you have to do is open the app and watch the videos. Web-based online Quran classes require you to visit that same website every single time you want to take the course or pick up where you left off.

One of the advantages of online Quran courses that are app-based is that you can easily manage your time. You are not forced to allot a specific time for when you can take the course. Additionally, apps can have fun activities that kids can do while learning the Quran. Finally, kids can watch the videos in an app as many times as they want to make sure they have learned everything.

Quran Kids Online Quran Course

The Quran Kids online Quran course is an app-based approach to teaching nine short surahs to kids aged 5-9. The app features a puppet show with an interesting storyline about each verse of the surahs taught. Zainab is the host of the show, and there are two cute puppets named Hadi (boy) and Huda (girl), who are siblings. The show teaches kids things such as Islamic beliefs, life skills, Quran stories, and even fun Islamic games they can play at home. The show has eye-catching animations and transitions that make the learning process more entertaining. At the end of each episode, Zainab and one of the puppets make fun arts and crafts. The Quran Kids course also features a personal tutor for every child enrolled in the course. They accompany the kids throughout the course, answer their questions, and solve any problems they may have.

Kids can also submit the audio of their recitation so the tutors can check on them to see if they recited correctly. Furthermore, kids can send pictures of the arts and crafts Zainab teaches them to make and get bonus points.

Comparison Between Online Quran Tutor and Online Quran Course

FeaturesOnline Quran CourseOnline Quran Tutor
Personal tutor
Questions answered
Fun activities
Flexible timing
Exclusive application
Eye-catching animations
Quran stories


Learning Quran online is becoming a standard way of learning the Quran. Physical Quran classes are beginning to fade as more and more Muslim kids opt to learn things online. There are at least two ways of learning the Quran online: an online Quran course based on an app or a Quran tutor. Learning the Quran through an app proves to be superior to an online Quran tutor as it has many benefits that a tutor-based method lacks. One of the best Quranic apps that teaches the Quran online is the Quran Kids app. Download the app now to see for yourself.

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