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Nahjul Balaghah: Sermon 2 After his return from Siffin

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 It discusses the state of people before the prophethood, the description of the Prophet’s family, and then the description of some other people.

I praise Him, fully acknowledging His blessings, submitting to His dignity, and seeking protection against disobeying Him. I seek His aid, showing my poverty and need for His sufficiency. Verily, He does not misguide whom He guides, and He offers no sanctuary to those who oppose him, and the one whom He makes self-sufficient does not become needy. He is the most substantial thing that has been weighed and the greatest thing that has been treasured.

And I testify that there is no god but Allah, a testimony tested for its sincerity, purified belief, adhering to it as long as He keeps us alive, and storing it against the terrifying events that we will encounter. It is the foundation of faith, the opening of righteousness, the satisfaction of the Most Merciful, and the defeat of Satan.

And I testify that Muhammad is His servant and His messenger, whom He sent with the renowned religion, the transmitted knowledge, the written book, the shining light, the glittering radiance, and the prevailing command, removing doubts, arguing with clear proofs, warning with signs, and frightening with punishments, when people are in a turmoil where the rope of religion is severed, the pillars of certainty have been shaken, principles are divided, matters are dispersed, exits are tightened, and the source is blinded. Guidance is inactive, and blindness is prevalent.

The Most Merciful was disobeyed, Satan was supported, and faith was let down, its pillars collapsed, its landmarks were denied, its ways were hidden, and His pathways were lost.

They obeyed Satan followed his ways, and frequented his springs. By them, his signs were raised, and his banner was erected. They were immersed in trials that overwhelmed them, crushed them, and stood on its elevated platforms. They are in it confused, lost, ignorant, and tempted, in the best of homes and the worst of neighbors. Their sleep is sleeplessness[1], and their adornment is tears. In a land, their knowledgeable is bridled, and the ignorant is honored.

Regarding the family of the Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family):

They are the place of his secrets, the refuge of his affairs, the source of his knowledge, the destination of his wisdom, the caves of his scriptures, and the mountains of his religion. Through them, he straightened the curves of his back and removed the trembling of his limbs.

Regarding some other people:

 They planted vice, watered it with deception, and harvested despair. No one from this Ummah can be compared to the family of Muhammad (Peace be upon them), and no one who has been graced by their blessings can ever be equal to them.

They are the foundation of religion and the pillars of certainty. To them, the exaggerator will return, and with them, the follower joins. They possess the special rights of guardianship (wilayah), and in them are the succession and inheritance, but now that the right has returned to its people and has been restored to its original position, [ why do they falter and show weakness, not recognizing the value of this immense blessing?][2]

[1] They remain vigilant, orchestrating their schemes.

[2] This is not an original part of the sermon; it is an addition to compensate for what seems to have been omitted, as the conclusion appears incomplete.

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