Easy Way to Read the Quran

Easy Way to Read the Quran

Reading the Quran is important, fun and intuitive. There is no need to prove this fact, considering that many small children have memorized the entire Quran at an early age, let alone to read the Quran. In fact, Allah has said in the Quran:

وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا الْقُرْآنَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِن مُّدَّكِرٍ ﴿17﴾

Certainly We have made the Quran simple for the sake of admonishment. So is there anyone who will be admonished?

One of the interpretations of Allah saying that the Quran is simple is that it is simple to read and memorize. There are many Muslims all around the world who know the entire Quran by heart. Perhaps no other book has as many people who know it by heart than the Quran. In this article, the following topics will be discussed:

What Is the Easiest Way of Learning the Quran?

In essence, learning the Quran is easy, but what is the easiest way of learning it?

We need to look at this in two angles. The syllabus you should use to quickly and easily get started with reading our Holy Scripture, or the methodology you use to learn to read the Quran.

If you are after the easiest and most comfortable way to quickly and easily get started with reading the Quran, take a look our “How to Read Quran” article as it explains in details.

However, if you are after the methodology and medium of learning to read the Quran, of course, this would mean that you need to get hold of a qualified teacher and physically be with him to learn to read the Quran the ideal way. In case you are after teaching the Quran to your kids, we have online intuitive classes to get them started.

If you are after learning the Quran yourselves, and you just need that tiny flexibility that the on-campus or virtual classes just cannot offer, then Islam4U has you covered. We have searched tens of websites and have skimmed over many books with our expert instructors and developed an interactive online course on “How to Read Quran”.

We have tried our best to use modern methods to teach the Quran, by animations and intuitive graphics, along with comprehensive quizzes to track your progress.

What Is the Correct Way to Read the Quran?

The correct way to read the Quran is by practicing the verses with the correct pronunciation of the letters and vowels.  Simply put, it is learning the rules of reading the Holy Book. However, if you want to perfect your reading of the Quran, you must learn tajweed (تجويد) of the Quran. Tajweed means making better or more beautiful and practically they are a set of rules that help us recite the Quran more correctly and fluently. Does that mean that if I do not know tajweed I cannot read the Quran? Absolutely not. You can still learn to read the Quran without knowing tajweed. However, by learning tajweed you take a step further and perfect your reading of the Quran.

How Can I Learn to Read the Quran Fast?

Learning the Quran fast is easy but requires you to put some time and energy into it. Once you have learned to read the Quran, it is highly recommended that you practice reading the Book of Allah every day to perfect your recitation. As for how fast you can learn the Quran, if the teacher of the Quran is qualified enough and the way he teaches is very practical, you could learn to read the Quran in just 3 hours along with exercises and practicing what you have learned on short chapters of the Quran.

Remember that these 3 hours are going to be bare contents, practices, and the time it takes for one to properly recite the Quran is exclusive. All in all, the idea behind learning the Quran is listening closely to the teacher and repeating after him and practicing what you have learned.

How Long Does It Take to Learn the Quran?

Generally speaking, learning all the rules and guidelines of reciting Quran should not take a long time, as in three hours. However, learning the Quran and mastering learning to read the Quran are two completely different things to consider. In other words, learning to read the Quran fluently and without making any pauses or mistakes takes a good while. How long you may ask? Well, that depends on how much time and energy you put into learning the Quran. On average, it might take anywhere between 2 to 4 months of constant and regular practice.

The more time you spend on learning the Quran the quicker you will master it. At the end of the day, you must include daily recitation of the Quran in your schedule, since not doing so will result in forgetfulness. Listening to recitations of famous reciters constantly will also help a great deal.


Allah the All-Exalted has made the Quran easy so that it would be a reminder for us. Therefore, He made learning to read and memorize the Quran easy as He Himself has stated in the Quran. Teaching and Learning Allah’s Book is not a difficult task and anyone, whether young or old, can learn to read the Book of Allah. However, it is important to realize that like learning other subjects, you must devote some of your time and energy to it. It is hoped that by teaching the Quran to others, more and more people become acquainted with the book of Allah, and enjoy the pleasure of reading and understanding it.

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Abu Mahdi
Abu Mahdi
I'm Abu Mahdi, one of the writers of this blog. I have a BA in English literature and an MA in English language teaching. I am also a teacher and reciter of the Quran in the field of reading the Quran, tajweed, and maqamat. Currently, we are working on a course for learning tajweed of the Quran here on Islam4u.

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