Learn Quran in 3 Hours

Learn Quran in 3 Hours

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Learning to read the book of Allah might seem to be a very hard job to do. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact, if the method by which the Quran is taught is efficient, one can easily learn to read, recite, and memorize the Quran. Learning to read the Quran requires one to learn some rules that are not so difficult. Learning all of them should not take more than three hours. In this article, it will be explained how one can learn Quran in 3 hours by following rules of reading the Quran:

Knowing the Ethics of the Quran is Very Important to Learn Quran in 3 Hours

It is important to learn the ethics of the Quran before you begin your journey to learn how to read the Quran. The ethics of the Quran are certain things you need to observe due to the sanctity of the book of God, such as having ablution (wūḍū: وُضُو), facing the qiblah, and so on. Learning these ethics should not take more than seven minutes.

The First Step to Take to Learn Quran in 3 Hours is Learning the Arabic Alphabet

One of the most important elements in learning to read the Quran is the Arabic alphabet. As you know, there are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. It takes a little more than one minute to learn each letter in the alphabet. Therefore, learning all of them should not take more than about 30 minutes. However, what is important is that practicing the Arabic alphabet takes more time than learning them. Therefore, if you want to really master it, you must keep practicing them as much as possible until you have actually mastered their pronunciation.

Learning the Vowels is Important to Learn Quran in 3 Hours

There are two kinds of vowels in Arabic: short vowels and long vowels. There are three short vowels and three long vowels. Learning the short vowels and long vowels together should not take more than 16-17 minutes. Once again, it must be emphasized that practice makes perfect, and one must not content oneself with having learned them, but rather must keep practicing them until one has mastered them. This can take varying amount of time depending on the individual. However, learning the vowels usually takes place quickly as their not too difficult to learn.

Learning Sukūn: One of the Fundamentals of Learning Quran

Sukūn (سُكون) is essentially an unvowelled consonant that is shown by the sign called sukūn that looks like this ْ. Learning sukūn is very simple and only takes around six minutes, but remember to practice to master it.

Shaddah and Madd: Two Rules You Need to Know to Learn Quran

Shaddah is written above letters and means intensification. When a letter has a shaddah above it, it must be pronounced with greater intensity. Shaddah is also a very easy rule once you get a good grasp of it. It can be quickly learned, meaning in 4-5 minutes. One should, practice shaddah on verses of the Quran so that one’s recitation is perfected. For example, shaddah can be pronounced in the first verse of surah Shams:

وَالشَّمْسِ وَضُحَاهَا﴿1﴾

Learn Quran in 3 Hours by Learning Madd

The term madd (مَدّ) is used specifically when talking about long vowels that are prolonged more than double the sound of a short vowel. In fact, long vowels that have madd must be lengthened more than you would usually lengthen an ordinary long vowel. Learning the not so difficult rule of madd should take no more than 2-3 minutes. However, like all other rules of reading the Quran, practice is needed in order to master this rule.

Tanween is One of the Important Rules for Learning Quran in 3 Hours

While reciting the Quran, you will come across two short vowels that are written on top of each other. This is known as tanween (تَنوين). Learning tanween and practicing it with some examples takes only six minutes. However, if you practice further you will master this rule.

Did You Know That Silent Letters Take a Great Portion of Learning Quran in 3 Hours?

There are certain letters in the Quran that are written but not read. This rule has many branches and learning all of them takes quite some time. It takes about 26:30 to learn these rules along with practicing them with a few examples. It should not go without saying that further practice is needed especially for these rules due to their difficulty.

Learning Ishbā‘ of the Third Person Masculine Pronoun Is One of the Key Elements of Learning Quran

There is a specific letter, namely hā that comes at the end of words and acts as a third person masculine pronoun. Now, under a certain condition, this hā must be pronounced with a long vowel, even though it does not have the long vowel written. This is known as ishbā‘ of the third person masculine pronoun. This rule has a medium level of difficulty and takes no more than eight minutes to learn it along with some practice on a few examples.

Iltiqā’ of Sākinayn (Meeting of Two Sākins)

We already explained that in Arabic, it is impossible to pronounce a word that begins with a sākin letter. But did you know that if two sākin letters meet and are juxtaposed, it is impossible to pronounce them, too? If such a thing happens, we must give a short vowel to the first sākin letter so it can be pronounced. This rule can be learned in only five minutes along with practicing it on a few examples. Needless to say, even more practice is needed to master it.

Learn Hamzah, Waqf, and Verses of Sajdah as the Last Rules of Learning Quran

Hamzah is an alif that is pronounced like a glottal stop. Waqf means different ways of stopping on words of the Quran. Finally, there are certain verses in the Quran that provoke a compulsory sajdah when recited or heard. These three rules along with their practice can be learned in just 20 minutes.

Practice is of High Importance to Learn Quran in 3 Hours

Once we have learned all of the rules, we must practice them on surahs of the Quran. These practice sessions are part of the “Learn Quran in 3 hours program” of Islam4u.pro. Practicing all of the rules of reading the Quran on the five short surahs: Fatiha (فَاتِحَة), Ikhlāṣ (اِخلاص), Naṣr (نَصر), Masad (مَسَد), and Kausar (کَوثَر) should take about 45 minutes.

Counting the Numbers of Learning Quran in 3 Hours

  • Learning the Ethics of Quran: 7 minutes
  • The Arabic Alphabet: 30 minutes
  • The Vowels: 16-17 minutes
  • Sukūn: 6 minutes
  • Shaddah and Madd: 6-8 minutes
  • Tanween: 6 minutes
  • Silent Letters: 26:30 minutes
  • Ishba‘: 8 minutes
  • Iltiqa’ of Sakinayn: 5 minutes
  • Hamzah, Waqf, and Verses of Sajdah: 20 minutes
  • Practicing the Rules on Short Surahs: 45 minutes

Total time: 175-178:30 minutes

As you can see, the total time to learn how to read the Quran takes about 180 minutes or 3 hours. With such a relatively short time, everyone can fit this program in their schedule.

Is It Possible to Master the Quran in Just 3 Hours?

The question is, will I be able to master the Quran by taking an online course that is only 3 hours? The answer is that you will definitely learn the most fundamental rules of reading the Quran and you will be able to read the Quran. However, you must practice, practice, and practice to become a master at Quran reading and recitation. Nevertheless, by taking our online course on “How to Read the Quran,” you will go a long way in learning to read the Quran in just 3 hours.

Pros and Cons of Online Tutor vs Online Course

There are certain pros and cons and advantages and disadvantages of having an online tutor or taking an online course. For example, one of the benefits of an online tutor is that you can interact with the instructor live and you can ask him any questions you have. The downside to it is that sometimes it is difficult to get connected or you must follow a rigid timeframe where you can get in touch with the tutor.

However, with an online course, there is no such handicap. You can start learning whenever you want, stop, and continue your learning at any time. Moreover, you can watch the lessons as many times as you want if you did not understand any of them. Another advantage of our online course is that it is graphically animated with the letters, vowels, words, and verses of the Quran written which helps you learn them more easily.


So there you have it! This was an explanation of how long it would take to learn each and every rule of reading the Quran. Of course, by enrolling in our course, you will find out how fun and easy the learning process is!

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