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Prophets in Quran

Prophets in the Quran

Have you ever wondered who prophets are and what their mission is? Why should Allah send prophets to guide mankind? Why not do it Himself? How many prophets are there in Islam and what are the names of the prophets in the Quran? This

Zechariah in the Quran

Zechariah in the Quran is a prophet of God who was sent to the Children of Israel to guide them to the straight path. Zechariah (زَکَريا) lived during the time of Mary (مَريَم) and witnessed the Birth Jesus the Messiah (المسيحُ عيسی ابن

Elisha in the Quran

Elisha in the Quran is a prophet of God who has been praised in two verses of the Noble Book of God. Elisha was the successor to Elijah whose name the Quran mentions as well. In this article, we will take a look at:Elisha in the

Jacob in the Quran

Jacob in the Quran is one of the great prophets of God who was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Ibrahim, peace be upon them. Jacob had many sons including Joseph whom he loved a lot. Jacob had another name, Israel, and his children and

Isaac in the Quran

Isaac in the Quran is a topic that is mentioned very much in the Quran. Isaac or Isḥāq (اسحاق) was one of the great prophets of God who was the second son of Prophet Ibrahim. The story of his birth is related in the Quran. Isaac, through

Shuaib in the Quran

Shuaib in the Quran is an Arab prophet whom God sent to the people of Midian. Shuaib (شُعَيب) was a devout and pious man who invited his people to the one and only God. His people used to worship a large tree and used to cheat people of

Elijah in the Quran

Elijah in the Quran, who is known as Ilyās (الیاس) in Arabic, is one of the prophets of God who was sent to a group of idolators in the land of Canaan. His name has been mentioned twice in the Quran. Elijah was one of the Prophets of the

Luqman in the Quran

There are many important personalities discussed in the Quran that have been introduced as role models for the believers. One of these people is Luqman the Wise. In this article, we will try to discover the different aspects of the

Dhul-Kifl in the Quran

Dhul-Kifl (ذو الکِفل) in the Quran is one of the prophets of God whose name God mentions twice in surahs Anbiyā (الانبیاء) and Ṣād (ص). Historians believe that Dhul-Kifl is the Israelite prophet Ezekiel who is also known as Ḥazqiyāl

Khidr in the Quran

Khidr in the Quran is a pious, righteous, and knowledgeable servant of God who becomes the teacher of Prophet Moses. Some have said that Khidr is a prophet. He drank from the “Water of Life” and is still alive. In this article, we will