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The Zionist regime leans on an aged and weary America

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Credit to Karim Jafari

 Axios reports, quoting Zionist regime officials, that Biden emphasized to Netanyahu and others present in the Zionist war cabinet “that America will not engage in war under any circumstances if Hezbollah enters into conflict with this regime.”

While reporters in southern Lebanon convey that the drones of the Zionist regime flying in the border areas with Lebanon have fired two missiles near Al-Adisseh, making the situation more precarious for the Zionists in this region. The open Lebanese front and ongoing conflicts there have become one of the biggest concerns and nightmares for the leaders of the Zionist regime. Axios, quoting officials from the Zionist regime, reports that Biden emphasized to Netanyahu and other attendees in the Zionist war cabinet that America would not engage in war under any circumstances should Hezbollah enter into conflict with this regime.

Evidence and indications suggest that the President of the United States, through his journey to the occupied territories and the declaration of financial, armament, promotional, and political support for this regime, and even providing diplomatic cover for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people, has positioned matters to a point where no one in America would expect U.S. troops to take action in defense of the Zionist regime. Although it is unclear how accurate Biden’s statements are and to what extent he is honest about the non-intervention of the U.S. military in the case of Hezbollah entering into conflict with the Zionist regime, all political and military experts believe that due to extensive problems and deficiencies in America, no official in the White House would dare to involve American soldiers in another ambiguous battle in the world.

As some American officials have mentioned regarding the deployment of 2,000 military forces to the occupied Palestine, ‘these forces will solely have a supportive role and are not supposed to engage in potential conflicts.’ Although we have witnessed an increasing American military presence in the region over the past few days, the President of the US in Tel Aviv explicitly stated that whatever the Zionists need will be provided. As mentioned, this statement from Biden seems to be the result of a broader political interpretation in the 12 months leading to the presidential election of this country. An interpretation aiming to convey to the American people that U.S. soldiers are not meant to be killed in another war, similar to how America officially did not engage in the war with Russia in Ukraine.

Contrary to the propaganda made by Zionist regime media over the past week, promising U.S. participation in battle alongside this regime against Hezbollah or any other party that might join this war, it now seems evident that the internal problems of America are so widespread and complex that no one wishes to undertake another perilous gamble in West Asia. The White House leaders have done whatever was in their power for the Zionist regime over the past 13 days, and the rest should be carried forward by the Zionists themselves. The ultimate presence of America in this potential conflict might be advisory, informational, and logistical, not a military mission that could risk all of America’s interests in West Asia.

This matter was, of course, clear beforehand, and we have repeatedly mentioned over the past days that America lacks the capability and power to enter a war in the region. As Biden reminded Netanyahu in their meeting, drawing from the post-September 11 experiences, Americans are profoundly apprehensive about Israel’s ill-considered decisions and perilous actions that might bear adverse consequences later on, and have warned Zionist regime leaders regarding this issue. Considering that the American side cannot prevent the Zionists from making brutal and criminal decisions and actions, and if it tries to do so, a bad deal will be made on the eve of the elections. However, Biden has made every effort to protect both himself and American soldiers, as well as maintaining a presence in West Asia and winning the hearts of Zionist supporters and the lobby of this regime in America.

The dissemination of the news of Biden’s statements in American media caused the defense minister of the Zionist regime to once again ask Hezbollah to refrain from engaging and escalating tensions in northern occupied Palestine. At the same time, he ordered the establishment of field hospitals in this region. After Biden’s statements regarding non-intervention in any war in the region, it has become entirely evident to the leaders of the Zionist regime that the northern front will be activated, and it’s possible that other fronts might also flare up shortly. This is why we are witnessing the situation in the region becoming increasingly complicated moment by moment.

Peacekeeping Forces: The West’s Plan to Rescue the Zionists in Gaza

One of the agendas set to be explored and agreed upon during Biden’s trip in the quadrilateral meeting in Jordan was the deployment of peacekeeping forces along the Gaza border with the territories occupied in 1948. This was part of the final plan to control the Gaza corridor. If opportunity permits, I will detail all discussed matters and the propositions made by America to dismantle the resistance in Gaza in subsequent postings. However, let me inform you that the internal state of the Zionist regime is in severe turmoil, and the psychological and operational condition of this regime’s army is critically grave. Thus, Western powers, aiming to prevent another Palestinian resistance attack on the occupied territories, have decided to station international peacekeeping forces along the border.

As I previously wrote, the ultimate outcome of today’s war in Gaza resembles the 33-day war in Lebanon. What the West is proposing here are the same points and matters that were suggested during the 33-day war, yet many never materialized. Just as today, the multi-national UNIFIL forces, acting as the Zionist regime’s spies, are present inside Lebanese territory, America had proposed that similar forces be stationed within the Gaza corridor. Given the exceedingly narrow width of the region, not only is such a deployment impossible, but due to America’s weaknesses and the numerous issues faced by the West— which are significantly different from those in 2006—the very inception of these forces in Gaza is shrouded in uncertainty. This is because it requires the Security Council’s approval, an occurrence that seems highly improbable.

One of the reasons why the Americans, along with the Zionists, felt compelled to make such a proposal is the sentiment expressed by the settlers surrounding Gaza, who say they are no longer willing to return and live in this area under the constant shadow of the resistance groups. Therefore, to reassure these multi-national settlers, the Western occupiers have taken actions to station multi-national peacekeeping forces, essentially adding another wall to the barricades encircling Gaza, ostensibly preventing the mobilization of militant forces from the territories occupied in 1948. Although the experience of UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon has shown that if the resistance wants to act, these forces will not create an obstacle, it seems unlikely that such an event will occur.

The President of the United States: “We still hold Iran responsible! I intend to request 14 billion dollars from Congress for further military support of Israel. My primary focus is the fate of American prisoners in Gaza. Washington is committed to the Palestinians’ right to self-determination. Hamas does not represent the people of Palestine and uses civilians as human shields. The humanity of innocent Palestinians cannot be ignored. We still hold Iran responsible.

Iran supports ‘Russia’ in Ukraine and ‘Hamas,’ and we will continue to hold them accountable in this regard. The people of Gaza urgently need food, water, and medicine. Over 1300 people, including at least 32 American citizens (Zionist settlers of American descent who have seized land), have been killed in Israel. Other conflicting parties in the region should know that Israel is stronger than ever. Hamas and Putin have united with an inclination toward the destruction of neighboring democracies…”

Pay close attention to the remarks of the President of the United States, for they are profoundly intriguing, enlightening, and historical. Joe Biden considers Iran accountable for the defeats in Ukraine and the occupied Palestine, holding the conviction that it was Iran that assisted Russia and the Palestinian resistance (which he, reluctantly, refers to as Hamas), enabling them to overpower and humiliate the West in Ukraine and the occupied territories. This is an unparalleled historical document, a Western testament to the truths of today’s global battles – truths challenging and costly for the American President to utter, yet Biden is compelled to acknowledge these bitter realities.

The occupant of the White House asserts his commitment to a promise of fourteen billion dollars in aid to the Zionist regime. Interestingly, Western media, alongside some subservient terrorist reporters of Persian language aligned with the Zionist and American regimes, initially asserted at the commencement of the grand liberating storm of Al-Aqsa, that America had released six billion dollars of Iranian funds, alleging such finances ignited this war. However, the fascinating point is that the siege on Gaza has unleashed a calamity upon the Zionist regime so severe that the United States feels compelled to allocate fourteen billion dollars for the salvation of the Zionists, in addition to the aid already channeled to the occupied lands in recent days.

The tragedy orchestrated by the Zionist regime in Gaza, perhaps if it occurred two decades ago, would not have garnered significant global awareness. Western media might have, in a manner akin to concealing all the atrocities committed by the West on this earthly realm over a century, overshadowed it. They might have, falsely, endeavored to portray the Palestinian resistance as the perpetrators, similar to the deceit over the heinous crime executed by the child-murdering army in Al-Ahli Hospital. However, the expansion of media, the awakening of nations, the elevation of people’s comprehension and consciousness, and above all, the exposure of the West’s odious, vile, and hypocritical visage over these years, has thwarted their ability to manipulate public opinion as they desire. Even though they may still steer their public sentiment as always, harnessing the minds of Western citizens through imperialistic media conduits.

Biden’s dishonesty in supporting ordinary citizens in Gaza, asserting they should have access to medication, food, water, and electricity, is amongst those duplicitous and deceptive behaviors exhibited by the tenants of the White House, ensnared by advisors of a Zionist lobby nature. However, Iran stands like a bone stuck in the West’s throat and its offspring, leaving them unsure of how to handle this obstruction that may soon lead them to the brink of suffocation and obliteration. Soon, when the broader dimensions of this war become apparent, and all witness how the victorious army of Islam brings the enemy to its knees in the ultimate crusader battle, the faces of Western leaders may become ever more revealing.

The President of the United States knows that the ultimate outcome of this battle is the defeat of the Zionist regime. Consequently, he feels obligated to bolster the spirits of the Zionists, constantly speaking of the continuation of American aid and support. However, words alone change nothing; it is the battlefield that ultimately determines everyone’s fate. All Western fabrications globally regarding human rights and democracy, and everything the Zionist regime proclaimed about peace and reconciliation in the region, have been dissipated into the wind. Now, it’s even better that America considers Iran a superpower that has defeated the West in Ukraine and Palestine. The monstrous image that America is currently portraying of Iran is, for the oppressed nations, an angel of salvation on which they can rely to rescue themselves from the grip of Western domination.

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