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Letter from Sayyid Khamenei to Youth and University Students in the United States

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Dear university students in America! You are now standing on the right side of history.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate,

I am writing this letter to the youth whose awakened conscience has driven them to defend the oppressed children and women of Gaza.

Dear university students in the United States! This is our message of solidarity and empathy with you. You now stand on the right side of history, which is unfolding.

You have become part of the resistance front, beginning an honorable struggle under the relentless pressure of your government, which openly supports the usurping and ruthless Zionist regime.

The grand front of resistance, from a distant point, has been fighting with the same awareness and feelings you hold today for many years. The goal of this struggle is to stop the blatant oppression that a ruthless terrorist network called “Zionists” has inflicted on the Palestinian nation for years. After occupying their country, they subjected them to the harshest pressures and tortures. Today’s genocide by the apartheid Zionist regime is a continuation of their intensely oppressive behavior over the past decades.

Palestine is an independent land with a nation comprising Muslims, Christians, and Jews, and with a long historical background. After World War II, with the help of the British government, the Zionist network’s capitalists gradually brought in thousands of terrorists; they attacked its cities and villages, killed tens of thousands, or drove them to neighboring countries, seized their homes, markets, and farms, and established a state called Israel on the usurped land of Palestine.

The greatest supporter of this usurping regime, after the initial British assistance, is the government of the United States, which has continually provided political, economic, and military support to this regime and even irresponsibly opened the way for it to produce nuclear weapons and assisted it in this path.

From day one, the Zionist regime employed the policy of “iron fist” against the defenseless Palestinian people, and heedless of all moral, human, and religious values, increased its ruthlessness, terror, and repression daily.

The U.S. government and its partners did not even frown upon this state terrorism and continuous oppression. Even today, some statements by the U.S. government regarding the horrific crime in Gaza are more hypocritical than real.

The “resistance front” emerged from this dark and hopeless environment, and the establishment of the “Islamic Republic” in Iran expanded and empowered it.

The leaders of international Zionism, who own or influence most media outlets in America and Europe through money and bribery, have labeled this human and courageous resistance as terrorism! Is a nation defending itself in its land against the crimes of Zionist occupiers a terrorist? And is humanitarian aid and strengthening this nation an act of supporting terrorism?

The leaders of global oppressive dominance do not even spare human concepts. They portray the terrorist and ruthless Israeli regime as defenders of themselves, and the Palestinian resistance, which defends its freedom, security, and right to self-determination, as “terrorists”!

I want to assure you that the situation is changing today. A different fate awaits the sensitive region of West Asia. Many consciences globally have awakened, and the truth is becoming evident. The resistance front has also become stronger and will continue to grow stronger. History is turning a page.

Besides you students in dozens of universities in the United States, universities and people in other countries have also risen. The support and solidarity of university professors with you students are significant and impactful. This can be somewhat comforting in the face of the government’s police severity and the pressures exerted on you. I also feel empathy with you young people and appreciate your steadfastness.

The lesson of the Quran to us Muslims and to all the people of the world is to stand firm on the path of truth: “So remain on a right course as you have been commanded” (Surah Hud, part of Ayah 112); and the lesson of the Quran regarding human relations is: neither oppress nor be oppressed: “Do not commit injustice, nor should you be subjected to it” (Surah Al-Baqarah, part of Ayah 279). The resistance front advances and will achieve victory by embracing and acting upon these commands and hundreds of others like them, by the will of Allah.

I recommend that you become familiar with the Quran.


Sayyid Ali Khamenei

27 May 2024

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