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Events of the month of Shawwal

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The month of Shawwal holds a distinguished place in Islamic history, marked by a series of significant events that have shaped the religious, social, and political landscape of the Muslim world. It is a month that transitions from the solemnity of Ramadan to the joy of Eid al-Fitr, celebrated on the 1st of Shawwal, signaling not just the end of fasting but also a time for communal prayers, charity, and festivities. However, the importance of Shawwal extends beyond this celebration, encompassing pivotal moments that span the breadth of Islamic history.

#Occasion/EventDateYear (AH)
1Eid al-Fitr1 Shawwal
2Battle of Qarqar Al-Kadir1 Shawwal2
7Imam Ali Army headed toward Siffin5 Shawwal36
8Muslim ibn Aqeel entered Kufa5 Shawwal60
9First missive by Imam Mahdi6 Shawwal305
10Battle of Uhud and martyrdom of Hamza ibn Abd al-Muttalib7 Shawwal3
11Battle of Hamra’ al-Asad8 Shawwal3
12Demolition of Baqi cemetery8 Shawwal1344
13Beginning of Battle of the Trench10 Shawwal5
14Death of Sheikh al-Baha’i12 Shawwal1031
15Birth of the Second Martyr13 Shawwal911
17Death of Al-Qutb al-Rawandi14 Shawwal573
18Battle of Banu Qaynuqa15 Shawwal2
19Battle of Uhud (another account)15 Shawwal3
20Miracle of the sun’s return for Imam Ali a.s15 Shawwal7
22Death of Sayyid Abdul Azim al-Hasani15 Shawwal252
24Beginning of Battle of the Trench (another account)17 Shawwal5
25Death of Ibn Idris al-Hilli18 Shawwal598
27Arrest of Imam Kazim20 Shawwal179
28Conquest of Andalusia21 Shawwal92
29Martyrdom of Imam Sadiq25 Shawwal148
32Death of Imam Khomeini28 Shawwal1409
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